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Wedding gift cards are a popular and convenient way to give newlyweds a gift they'll love. They provide flexibility and freedom to choose the perfect present from a wide variety of options. Wedding gift cards can be used to purchase anything from kitchen appliances to home decor, making them an ideal choice for couples who have already established a home or have specific tastes. With a wedding gift card, recipients can also shop online or in-store at their leisure, making the process of selecting a gift even more enjoyable. They are a thoughtful and practical way to show your love and support to the happy couple on their special day. Whether you're looking for a last-minute gift or want to give something that the newlyweds will truly appreciate, a wedding gift card is a fantastic choice that is sure to please.

Finding the best Wedding Gift

There are various reasons why most of us struggle when it comes to buying the right wedding gift:

Last Minute shopping - Due to the busy metropolitan lifestyle we have, we keep on delaying the process of buying the gift. When friends are buying a shared gift, most of them think someone else will purchase it. As a result, all end up without any gifts.

Buying what you like - It happens often that we purchase what we want to use in our daily lives. There are huge chances that the recipient has an entirely different lifestyle and needs. Perhaps he/she won't use or like what you have brought or sent. This is why you should research more about unique wedding gift ideas for buying something.

Buying furniture - It is a misconception that interior furnishings are the perfect gift for a wedding. When a couple has a plethora of such gifts, they cannot decide what to do with them.

Thinking bigger gifts are better -  We end up buying the wrong gifts thinking size matters in this case. In reality, it's all about a meaningful gift that they can cherish and use to the fullest.

Giving cash - You might have seen your parents/grandparents giving cash to their relatives and friends during weddings. It was a perfect gift a few years ago. In the present day and age, many couples might consider it an outdated concept.

We all come across these thoughts, before getting a wedding gift right?

One-stop solution for all your thoughts, Gift Cards!

These days Gift Cards top the list of gifting ideas for weddings. 

How a gift card is a better alternative?

When thinking about the best gifts for a wedding, you can consider a brand's gift card. A significant advantage is that you give the recipients the freedom to choose whatever they like from a particular brand. Another advantage is that a gift card can be sent in a few minutes, which means they won't forget to buy a gift. You can send a gift card when you are attending the wedding. And, the best part is that there are plenty of discounts on these gifts up to 40% depending on what you have selected.

Wedding gift for the Best Friend

Finding a gift for your best friend can be tricky. You don't want him/her to feel that you haven't put in any thought while giving a gift. They might not appreciate any random home decor items or other generic gifts. A gift card from a brand they like will be more beneficial to them. Some of the best wedding gifts for the best friend include:

Gift Cards from online travel agencies: Gift your friend a lifetime experience with travel Gift Cards with which the newlywed couple can enjoy traveling. Push them a step forward for their lovely honeymoon making it easier for them to plan their travels with MakeMyTrip Gift Cards or Yatra Gift Cards.

Gift Cards of apparel and accessories brand: GyFTR has around 100 brands related to apparel and accessories. You will find Gift Vouchers for brand outlets and fashion retail chains like Myntra Gift Cards, BIBA Gift Cards, Raymond Gift Cards, Arrow Gift Cards, etc. 

Gift cards for cosmetics and skin care products: This is something you can select if you search for wedding gifts for female friends. GyFTR is offering Plum and The Body Shop vouchers that can be a wedding gift for the best Indian female friend.

Gift for a newly married couple

There are many instances in which you have to purchase something useful for both of them and not a single partner. The best wedding gifts you can send to the couple for their new beginning include:

All these options let them purchase furniture, home appliances, daily essentials, and other essential items for their home. You can also send them E-Gift Cards of gold coins, as it is considered to be something elegant and auspicious to mark and celebrate special occasions like marriage. 

If you are looking for something precious for both him & her, select the vouchers from jewelry stores. GyFTR lets you buy vouchers for Kalyan Jewellers, Candere, PC Jewellers, Ketan Diamonds, and Joyalukkas.

Apart from these options, there are numerous vouchers you can choose from based on their likes and preferences.

Don't forget to send a unique message along with your gift card.

Ace your wedding gift game with GyFTR Gift Cards!

Best wishes!

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