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As the birthday of your loved one approaches nearer, the excitement to make it memorable magnifies. But, along with it comes the worry of choosing that perfect gift they will like. We often end up making wrong choices in the anxiety of buying the gift. It also happens that we fail to decide what to buy, due to which we end up selecting something generic to be on the safe side.

We bet you don’t want such things to happen. This is why we have discussed birthday gift ideas that won’t disappoint you or them. We have also talked about why you should consider buying gifts online, along with the advantages of buying a birthday gift voucher.

Benefits of Buying Birthday Gifts Online

Let’s first understand the benefits of buying gifts online. For starters, it saves a lot of your time.

Imagine going to a gift shop or a market to walk through aisles just to find what your loved one might like. We have been through those times. And, when it comes to giving a gift as a group, we do our best to avoid becoming that person who purchases the gifts on behalf of everyone.

That’s definitely, not the case with online gifts. You choose the right birthday gift online while lying on your bed or maybe while taking a break during work.

Another significant advantage is you save extra money. Going out to purchase something special needs you spend on fuel or parking in many cases. Well, not in the case of online gifts. Now that we have touched upon the benefits of online gift buying, it’s time to put our focus on the reasons to choose an e-gift voucher as a birthday present.

Reasons to Buy Birthday Gift Cards Online

Birthday gifts online come with multiple benefits, including:

  • They get to choose: Just give them the gift voucher of their preferred brand, and they can choose anything they like from that brand.
  • No need to spend hours searching for the right gift: It can take hours or even days to find a gift we believe they will like. In the case of a gift card, you just have to add the recipient’s details and make the payment online.
  • Send them gifts from wherever you are: This is true even for the regular online gifts. But, an advantage of gift cards for birthdays is that you can send them instantly. After paying successfully, the voucher reaches the inbox of your loved ones in a few minutes.
  • There are plenty of options: It is a myth that the gift cards are boring or that there are limited options. With a portal like GyFTR, you can choose from more than 200+ brand vouchers. The categories cover fashion brands, restaurants, healthcare centers, wellness brands, online streaming services, magazines, electronics, groceries, travel, and other options.
  • You get terrific discounts: This is where gift cards have an extra edge over those regular gifting options. You pay less than the actual value of the gift cards for most of the brands. Even if you want to purchase a gift yourself, you can first buy the brand’s voucher and redeem it for that gift. Doing so ensures the birthday celebrations stay within budget.

Thanks to these reasons, many individuals choose gift cards online when searching for the best birthday gifts for girls or boys.

How to buy a Birthday Gift Card Online?

The process to purchase a gift card for a birthday is simple:

  • You need to login to the GyFTR using your credentials (PIN and registered mobile number). Register to GyFTR in a minute if you aren’t a member yet. There isn’t any fee for doing so.
  • Browse through the list of brands under different categories present in the header area of the homepage.
  • On a brand page, you visit, select the voucher value and quantity. The discount you are getting on the vouchers is reflected instantly.
  • Click on the Checkout button and make the payment using GyFTR PAY or other options available (UPI, credit/debit card, net banking, etc.)

You will get the gift card in a minute. Forward this gift voucher to the birthday boy/girl instantly.

How to send a Birthday Gift Cards online?

Via GyFTR, you can send a gift card for your birthday easily:

  1. Visit a brand page and choose the voucher value and quantity as discussed above.
  2. Select the “I Am Gyfting” option and click on the Checkout button.
  3. Fill in the details of the recipient, including their name, email address, and phone number.
  4. You also get to select the birthday wishes or write your own message for them.
  5. Make payment using available payment options.

The recipient will receive the voucher in a few minutes.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Are you looking for birthday gifts for your husband? Or, want the right gift for your brother? These gift ideas from GyFTR will help you out?

The Man Company Gift Voucher: If he takes grooming seriously, which we are sure he does, then this is the gift for him. Using The Man Company gift voucher, he can buy the finest quality products for beard growth, beard maintenance, skincare, haircare, or shaving. The brand offers products also based on common concerns, such as patchy beard, rough hair, tanned skin, aging, dry skin, frizzy hair, etc. You can choose this birthday gift for your boyfriend or your male friend. They can purchase whatever they like using it.

Raymond Gift Voucher: From an alpha male who loves his mark wherever he goes to a business leader who inspires generations, most men prefer Raymond when it comes to formal wear. The custom-tailored suits that express the wearer’s personality are also class apart. Over the years, the brand has grown into a symbol of elegance and sophistication. This is one of the best birthday gifts for your husband.

Skullcandy gift voucher: Every tech-savvy guy loves something extraordinary while listening to his favorite music or podcasts. Skullcandy adds that extra quality to its earphones and speakers. Using a birthday gift voucher, he can purchase cutting-edge products from Skullcandy’s store. It’s a perfect option if you are unable to find a birthday gift for boys.

SonyLiv gift voucher: Is he a fan of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) matches? Or does love to binge-watch movies and TV series? For his daily sports and entertainment fix, give him a SonyLiv gift voucher. The best part is that the recipient doesn’t have to redeem it immediately. Each voucher comes with limited validity, which means he can redeem it after his existing SonyLiv membership expires. Many individuals looking for a birthday gift for boys select this option.

Decathlon gift voucher: Give them many more reasons to stay fit and active with a voucher for Decathlon on their birthday. They can purchase cricket kits, badminton racquets, and other sports equipment. This voucher also allows them to select exercise equipment, sports shoes, sports jackets, and many sports accessories. It is indeed one of the invaluable gifts you can gift to him.

Birthday Gift Ideas for her

You want to make her feel special. You want the gift to be memorable. A wide smile on her face is what you expect in return. A gift voucher from her favorite brand is what you can gift on her birthday. Here are some suggestions:

Ferns & Petals Gift Vouchers: You want to gift a pack of chocolates, along with flowers and plants, on her special day. Ferns & Petals gift vouchers let her select her favorite flowers, chocolates, or an indoor plant. There’s almost always a discount on the voucher of this online flower and cake delivery service. It is one of the favorite options for those seeking birthday gifts for their girlfriend.

Prestige gift vouchers: Help your mom upgrade her kitchen appliances and equipment by gifting her a Prestige gift voucher. She can order pressure cookers, mixer grinders, chimneys, induction cooktops, pans, kadhais, or cooking pots using this voucher. The priceless smile on her makes it the perfect birthday gift for your mother.

Kalyan Diamond Jewellery Vouchers: Diamonds are indeed forever. And, the shine of the gold is reflected when their face glows up. Let them order the jewelry piece she loves by giving her the Kalyan Diamond Jewellery gift voucher. The voucher gives access to lovely necklaces, shimmering bandles, classic earrings, and a plethora of rings. Consider it one of the best birthday gifts for your wife or your sister. This is also a perfect option if you seek birthday gift ideas for mom.

Kiehl’s Gift cards: Inspired by nature, the products by Kiehl’s enhance the glow of their skin, shine of their skin, and overall beauty. Face serums, face oils, face masks, lip care products, conditioners, shampoos, and moisturizers are a few categories they can buy from. People usually select this voucher when searching for a birthday gift for your girl's best friend.

Want more options? Well, GyFTR has 140+ other options. Our blog section will also help you find some more options.

Best of Luck!! And yeah, wish them a happy birthday from us, too!!

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