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Top 5 Winter Holiday Destinations In India

As winter casts its spell across the diverse landscapes of India, a magical transformation takes place, turning the country into a Winter Wonderland. Make your winter vacation even more thrilling with travel Vouchers from GyFTR which can be purchased on the Axis Bank EDGE Rewards platform using Axis Bank debit and credit cards. Discover the top winter vacation destinations, with exclusive offers on Decathlon, MakeMyTrip Holiday, and MakeMyTrip Hotel Vouchers.

From the majestic Himalayas to the sun-kissed plains, every region has something unique to offer during this enchanting season. So, bundle up and get ready to embark on an unforgettable winter journey through some of the best places in India.

MakeMyTrip Holiday: Unveiling Winter Magic Across India:

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Manali, Himachal Pradesh –

Manali, with its charming streets and snow-covered landscapes, is a perfect winter retreat. Explore the old-world charm of Old Manali, indulge in snow activities in Solang Valley, and witness the mountains draped in a pristine white blanket. It’s a place where charm meets adventure, creating a magical blend for winter enthusiasts. Set out on a magical journey to Manali, where snow-capped mountains and the shimmering Beas River create a winter paradise. You can get 3X EDGE Reward Points and a 5% discount on MakeMyTrip Holiday Vouchers, by shopping with your Axis Bank credit card making your winter getaway even more worthwhile. You can save Rs.250 on MakeMyTrip Holiday Vouchers. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now.

  1. To-Do: Explore the charming streets of Old Manali and indulge in local cuisine.
  2. Must-See: Try your hand at snow activities in Solang Valley and capture the beauty of Rohtang Pass.

Shillong, Meghalaya-

Nestled in the heart of Meghalaya, Shillong, also known as the Scotland of the East, emerges as a hidden gem during the winter months. This picturesque hill station, surrounded by pine-covered hills and enchanting waterfalls, unveils its unique winter charms. To receive an exclusive 5% discount on Travel Vouchers and get 3X EDGE Reward Points grab MakeMyTrip Holiday Vouchers from  Axis Bank EDGE Rewards platform.

  1. To-Do: Explore the tranquility of Ward’s Lake and its botanical garden.
  2. Must-See: Venture to Umiam Lake for boat rides and lakeside strolls.

MakeMyTrip Hotel: Cozy Retreats in Winter Wonderlands:

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Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir-

Nestled in the pristine beauty of Jammu and Kashmir, Gulmarg emerges as a snowy paradise during winter. This idyllic destination is not just about snow; it’s about experiences. Engage in thrilling winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, and don’t miss the opportunity to ascend the heights with a Gondola ride, offering panoramic views of snow-clad peaks. To ensure a comfortable stay amid the winter wonderland, grab MakeMyTrip Hotel Vouchers, available on the Axis Bank EDGE Reward Points platform to receive 3X EDGE Reward Points and save an extra 5% on your stay.

  1. To-Do: Experience the thrill of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.
  2. Must-See: Take a Gondola ride for breathtaking panoramic views of the snow-covered peaks.

Darjeeling, West Bengal-

For a winter escape with a touch of tranquility, Darjeeling in West Bengal beckons. Sip on a cup of Darjeeling tea while soaking in the chilly weather. Take a scenic ride on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, immersing yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the hills and valleys.

Discover Darjeeling’s allure in the winter months. Plan your stay with MakeMyTrip Hotel Vouchers, available on the Axis Bank EDGE Rewards platform for an exclusive 5% discount and 3X EDGE Reward Points. To save an extra Rs.250 on your stay simply visit the Axis Bank EDGE Rewards platform and grab the Voucher using your Axis Bank credit card.

  1. To-Do: Sip on Darjeeling tea in a cozy café with a view of the mountains.
  2. Must-See: Take a ride on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway for a scenic journey.

Decathlon: Gear Up for Winter Adventures:

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Auli, Uttarakhand-

Auli provides a unique winter sports experience and is renowned for its snow-covered meadows and breathtaking views. Go for a Ski on the pristine slopes surrounded by oak and coniferous forests or enjoy the cable car ride for panoramic views of the Himalayas. Enhance the thrill of your trip with Decathlon Vouchers from GyFTR available on the Axis Bank EDGE Rewards platform. Use your Axis Bank credit or debit card to get  3X EDGE Reward Points.

  1. To-Do: Embark on a skiing adventure on the pristine slopes.
  2. Must-See: Take a cable car ride for stunning views of the Himalayas.

How to Maximize Your Rewards:

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  2. Get 3X EDGE Reward Points from Decathlon when you purchase winter sports equipment for an exciting trip.
  3. To take advantage of further exclusive deals and optimize your advantages for winter travel, visit the Axis Bank EDGE Rewards website.

While planning your winter vacation, remember that Travel Vouchers from GyFTR, available on the Axis Bank EDGE Rewards elevate your travel experience and give it a luxurious touch. Prepare your thoughts, venture forth, and make priceless memories in India’s captivating winter wonderland. 

Pack your bags, and let the winter adventure begin! Whether you’re chasing snow, seeking cultural experiences, or simply yearning for a tranquil escape, India’s Winter Wonderland has it all. Create memories that will warm your heart long after the winter chill fades away.

Happy journey!

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