Why ZILLION is The Best Place to Buy Gift Vouchers

Receiving gifts bring joy to everyone. But, if you want to double the joy of the gift recipient, you can do two things. Firstly, customise the gift based on the occasion like a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, etc. rather than giving a generalised gift. Secondly, give the gift a personal touch with a personal message. 

So, when you give a customised gift, based on the occasion, with a personalised message, the recipient is bound to tell you: “You made my day with this lovely gift”. Such a compliment will, in turn, make your day! Well, gift vouchers from ZILLION precisely help you do that: give customised gifts with a personalised message. This is why ZILLION is the best place to buy gift vouchers. Let us explore this in detail.

Whatever be the occasion, has a customised template

While buying gift vouchers from , you have the option to email the gift voucher directly to the recipient, at the time of purchase itself. You can choose a customised template, based on the occasion like wedding, birthday, anniversary, thank you, gifts for him, or gifts for her. If there is no occasion, you can select the generic option.

Within the occasion, you can choose from the beautiful designs. We at have put on our creative hats and already created the best possible designs for you to select from. You need to fill the recipient’s details like name, email id, and mobile number. 

Select your personalised message based on the occasion

has done all the homework for you so that you don’t need to scratch your head for a creative personal message. You can choose a personal message based on the occasion, from the given options. For example, if you are gifting a voucher to your friend on her wedding, you can select a personalised wedding message from the list of options. At , we endeavour to make gifting simple and easy for you. Just a few clicks and you are done. Within a couple of minutes, the gift voucher will reach your friend.

Freedom of usage

Gift vouchers are the best gift to give. They give the recipient, the freedom to use it in any way they want to. For example, when you gift an Amazon gift voucher, the recipient can use it across various categories on Amazon and also on other websites where Amazon Pay is accepted. Gift vouchers of any brand can be redeemed with ease. Moreover, gift vouchers of most brands usually have a validity of 1 year, giving the recipient ample time to plan the usage of the voucher.

Gift vouchers offer creative and financial benefits

Now that the creative and usage part of the gift voucher is taken care of, now let us turn our focus on the financial benefits. gift vouchers from ZILLION come with jaw-dropping BOGO offers or discounts on voucher face value. Besides, you also get 3 bonus ZILLION points for every Rs. 100 worth of gift vouchers that you buy. All these benefits are discussed in depth in another blog. You can choose from gift vouchers of 120+ brands. With all the above benefits, do you still have any hesitation when we say: ZILLION is the best place to buy gift vouchers?

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