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Maximize Your Valentine’s Week Savings with GyFTR Vouchers

As love blossoms in the air, it’s time to plan the perfect Valentine’s Week filled with surprises, thoughtful gestures, and, of course, significant savings! GyFTR Vouchers are here to be your cupid, ensuring each day of love comes with delightful discounts and exciting rewards. Let’s embark on a journey through the week of love and savings!

Rose Day – Grab 11% OFF on Ferns N Petals Gift Cards

Extend the floral love on Rose Day with FNP Gift Cards yet again. Surprise your loved one with a bouquet that speaks the language of love, and GyFTR ensures your budget stays as rosy as your romance. 

Propose Day – Save 10% extra on GIVA & Tanishq Gift Cards

Make Propose Day extra special with a touch of elegance. Choose GIVA Gift Cards for personalized expressions and Tanishq Gift Cards for timeless jewelry. GyFTR Vouchers add a dash of savings to your romantic proposal, making it a moment to cherish.

Chocolate Day – Enjoy 5% OFF on Blinkit Vouchers

On Chocolate Day, satisfy your sweetheart’s sweet tooth with delectable chocolates with Blinkit Vouchers. Use Blinkit Gift Cards from GyFTR to indulge in a world of chocolates, ensuring a delicious celebration without breaking the bank.

Teddy Day – Get 8% OFF on Hamleys Gift Vouchers

Kicking off the week with Teddy Day, express your love with adorable teddies from Hamleys. With GyFTR Vouchers, enjoy special discounts on Hamleys Gift Vouchers, making your cuddly gestures even more heartwarming.

Promise Day

As Promise Day unfolds, GyFTR steps forward with a heartfelt promise – to bring you extra savings of up to 40% on vouchers, because we understand your love for discounts is as deep as your affection for your partner. Let’s make a vow to celebrate every moment with joy and pocket-friendly delights.

Hug Day – 7% OFF on Costa Coffee Voucher

Cuddle up cozy on Hug Day with warm hugs at a coffee shop. Use GyFTR’s Costa Coffee Voucher for a comforting coffee date, ensuring your embrace is accompanied by the aroma of freshly brewed love.

8% OFF on Nykaa Gift Cards – An offer worth kissing!

This Kiss Day, use Nykaa Gift Cards from GyFTR to pick the perfect lipstick that complements your style. Let your lips do the talking! Kiss the savings like never before…

Valentine’s Day – 18% extra savings on PVR, Myntra & more Vouchers 

For the grand finale on Valentine’s Day, dress to impress with Myntra Gift Cards from GyFTR. Follow it up with a perfect date night using PVR Vouchers for a romantic movie date. 

GyFTR Vouchers ensure your celebration is not just memorable but also pocket-friendly.

Earn 2% e-Pay with Every Purchase:

As you embark on this week of love and savings, GyFTR adds an extra layer of joy with 2% e-Pay rewards on every voucher purchase. It’s not just about gifting; it’s about being rewarded for making each day special.

Celebrate Valentine’s Week with GyFTR Vouchers, your perfect guide to love and savings. From teddies to jewelry, chocolates to fashion, GyFTR ensures you express your love without compromising on your budget. Enjoy the week of love with delightful surprises and pocket-friendly gestures, making each day a celebration of both love and savings!

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