Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide

Valentine’s day 2023 is nearing, and everyone is excited to celebrate the season of love. 

Well, I know how much special it feels to make your special one feel special. 

Have you ever felt anxious while deciding on a gift for your loved one?

Whether they like the gift or find it as useful as you thought it would be!

Let me tell you, you aren’t alone, we all have been through this. And so I thought of coming up with this blog, sharing how I planned a perfect Valentine’s week for my girl with GyFTR Gift Cards.

Gift your special one a Gift Card with which they enjoy the freedom to choose what they love. Gifting is all about making someone feel special, isn’t it? 

Gift cards are pocket-friendly and allow for customization for the recipient. I availed crazy discounts with GyFTR Gift Cards and even earned E-Pay points. Want to know how I saved big bucks by using Gift Cards during Valentine’s week?

Keep reading! 

Here’s how I planned the perfect Valentine’s week for my better half using Gift Cards:

February, 7 – Rose Day

Express your feelings with a beautiful bouquet of roses. In the world of emojis, make your better half feel loved and gift them a hint of romance this Rose Day!

I purchased a Ferns N Petals Gift Card at a FLAT 10% discount and earned 18 E-Pay Points.

Using the Gift Card I will be getting my girlfriend an extravagant bouquet of bold red roses from Ferns N Petals.

February, 8 – Propose Day

Well, on this day I just want to tell her thanks for believing in me. I proposed to my girlfriend 3 years back, and since then she has been holding my hands through thick and thin. I planned to thank her, and compliment her with an elegant piece of jewelry. 

I wanted to shop for an elegant piece of jewelry, but also wanted it to suit her choice. So, I purchased a Giva Gift Card from GyFTR and got a FLAT 15% discount along with 43 E-Pay Points.

I have already shared the Giva Gift Card with my girlfriend and asked her to stop her heart from Giva. 

February, 9 – Chocolate Day

Love at first bite…

My girlfriend has a sweet tooth, and she craves chocolates like any 5-year-old you would know. So, I decided to treat her with a chocolate truffle or a box of assorted chocolates from her favorite shop. I redeemed 460E-Pay points to buy Zomato Gift Card worth INR 500. Basically, I paid just with the points I earned while shopping for Gift Cards from GyFTR.

February, 10 – Teddy Day

My better half has a huge collection of soft toys and I didn’t know what to gift her on teddy day. I know her love for soft toys, and even after being a journalist by profession she just can’t get rid of her toys. I thought she might have something in her mind and just got a Hamleys Gift Card.

I saved 8% on this transaction and earned 92 E-Pay Points.

I am sure, she can order her choice’s huggable with this Gift Card. 

February, 11 – Promise Day

Promises are meant to be kept!

I promised us a trip, but due to genuine reasons and work schedules, we haven’t traveled for a long time. Without any second thought, I got a Make My Trip Gift Card along with ITC Gift Card. I not only saved huge bucks but also earned E-Pay points with it. 

I am extremely excited to share this Gift Card with her. I want to keep my promise, this Promise Day!

February, 12 – Hug Day

After Chai, Cuddles is the best thing!

We both met at a Chai gathering for the first time. I thought to cuddle over memories and chai and so, I got a Chaayos Gift Card from GyFTR. I availed of this Gift Card at a FLAT 10% discount and even earned 36 E-Pay Points. 

February, 13 – Kiss Day

Kiss your miss with some body care products. I don’t want her to use harsh makeup to look good. So, I planned to bag in some natural skincare and lip care products to pamper her. Every human has a different skin type, and they love to choose products that suit their skin. I got a Pilgrim Gift Card, so she can order the products she feels would suit her skin. 

February, 14 – Valentine’s Day

Finally, for the big date, I have planned to spoil her by shopping for her wardrobe wishlist.

I have made it a little hassle-free for me though and gone smart on the shopping part just by getting a Myntra Gift Card.

I availed of the Myntra Gift Card at FLAT 15% OFF and earned 95 E-Pay points.

I wanted to doll her up, for our perfect movie night on Valentine’s Day.

For movie tickets, I got PVR Gift Card and saved a FLAT 5% on each movie ticket. 

On GyFTR, you will get some of the best discounts online on these Gift Cards. It takes less than five minutes to send a gift to your Valentine through this portal. Save tonnes, while you celebrate the 7 days of love, in the loveliest way!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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