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Your Ultimate Guide to Travel Vouchers and How to Maximize Them

Planning a trip? Travel vouchers have proven to be quite effective in both cutting expenses and adding the element of flexibility to your trip plans. They are just like prepaid cards dedicated to travel-related services like ride-hailing or accommodation. Yet, with plenty of options to choose from, the only problem that confronts you is where to begin. Are you wondering where to get travel vouchers? The GyFTR is here for you to buy all kinds of travel vouchers.

GyFTR presents an extensive travel voucher range to satisfy your every desire. Whether you fly regularly and looking for a ride to the airport, or a travel enthusiast who intends to have fun in a new place, GyFTR is there for you. You can use vouchers for ride-hailing services such as Uber and Ola to hotels and travel experiences to make your trip more exciting.

In search of further savings on your next journey? GyFTR provides a great deal of discounts on Uber Gift Cards. You can buy Uber Gift Cards at an amazing 2% discount on the GyFTRs website. So, not only you can save your money; but you can also save your precious time, right? Go with the Uber Gift Card!

However, that’s not all! GyFTR also offers a whopping 12 % off on Ola Gift Cards. Enjoy time-saving, hassle-free rides around town with Ola, which are more affordable with the special discounts given by GyFTR on travel vouchers.

Once you buy the vouchers, the question arises: how can you redeem them? The purchasing process is just as easy as booking your next trip! First, register into the GyFTR portal through your phone number and email address. In case you’ve already registered, simply sign in with your Mobile number and enter OTP.

After that, go to the brand page. On the brand page, you can choose the amount and the value of the voucher which is most suitable for you. When you have finally chosen what you want, now you can click on the “Checkout” button. You can also add vouchers for some other brand to your cart before you proceed to check out.

Make sure to take a look at your cart and pay with GyFTR Pay or using any of the other available payment services. In less than a minute, your travel voucher will be sent to your mail and/or SMS inbox through an email and/or SMS.

Redeeming your travel voucher is just as simple! For redemptions, Download the app & book your ride. Click on the button that says ‘apply coupon’. Enter the Gift Voucher & click on apply. Confirm your booking and enjoy your ride with savings.

To sum up, GyFTR travel vouchers present a convenient and cost-effective method to improve your traveling experience. Whether it is about sightseeing in different places or going around the town on a regular basis, these vouchers can make a big difference to your budget in terms of transport costs. 
GyFTR, maximizing your travel budget and having a seamless experience is a breeze. GyFTR, available on iOS and Android, offers an easy-to-use platform to help you find the perfect travel voucher for any event. Get updates on the latest offers and discounts by downloading the GyFTR app now and plan your dream trip without breaking the bank!

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