Gift Vouchers: End of last-minute gifting stress

When it comes to gift-giving, sometimes we find ourselves in a time crunch. Sometimes we just forget a birthday or an anniversary, or perhaps we simply didn’t have the time to shop for the perfect present. From browsing last-minute gifting ideas to wondering if you will end up getting a valuable gift for your loved ones, last-minute gifting is stressful.

And I have faced something which is exactly the same. So how about me sharing the best way to save yourself from the time crunch of gifting?

Let’s make a quick run, through my story for making the best out of this blog.

It was my best friend’s Birthday and I had a very long day because of which I just couldn’t get a gift. Then I got a call from one of my friends asking for my ETA at the party place. This call has reminded me of the Gift. There was hardly any time left for the purchase of a good gift that can make her happy.

So after spending some time browsing last-minute gift ideas. Sadly, I couldn’t find any. So I thought to myself and came up with the idea of gifting a Voucher/Gift Card of various brands which she would surely like it. As Gift Vouchers come with the freedom of choice. I browsed a few of the sites that can offer Vouchers and Gift Cards.

GyFTR caught my attention. This was a savior which has more than 200 brands in various categories like Fashion, Health, Travel, Entertainment, Wellness, Dining, and many more.

After browsing for some of the brands I came up with the idea of gifting her a couple of Gift Cards of various categories which can make her happy and will also make her day a memorable one.

My bestie is a shopaholic, she loves to shop for trendy dresses and keeps scrolling the Myntra App. So I gifted her Myntra’s Gift Card which can be redeemed online. I bought the Gift Card with a Flat 5% OFF and even received a 2% E-Pay. 

I purchased a Pizza Hut Gift Card to treat her with something cheesilicious! 

And to add some sweetness to the day I grabbed two Baskin Robbins Gift Cards at 15% OFF I was sure she was going to love them as she is very much fond of ice creams 

I presented her with Kama Ayurveda Gift Card which was available at a Flat 9% OFF. She uses skincare products religiously and adores using ones that make her skin glow. This was an ideal gift card to purchase for someone who is into skin nourishment. With this gift card, she can choose her choice of products from Kama Ayurveda. 

I bought her a PVR Gift Card so that a chill evening can make her relax and enjoy a good movie. 

She was very much excited and surprised to receive these gift vouchers, as she could enjoy gifts of her choice in her own way! As these gift cards have a long validity they can be used as per recipient’s convenience, which makes these gift cards an ideal gifting option!

“Happiness Delivered Instantly” is the accurate slogan that GyFTR has, I must say. This platform was very much helpful for me to get Instant Gift Cards from various brands in one place. GyFTR offers amazing discounts along with rewarding E-Pay up to 2% on every purchase. 

Just like me you can also use GyFTR’s Website and App available on Android and iOS to avail these amazing Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards and can gift your loved ones and can also get them for yourselves with great E-Pay points on every Voucher/Gift Card purchase. Download GyFTR App now. So you never miss an update!

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