Independence Day

Celebrate freedom in style!

As we approach Independence Day, the air is filled with the spirit of freedom and celebration. This year, why not celebrate in a unique way by indulging in some guilt-free shopping and saving? Get ready to embrace the joy of retail therapy and discover an array of exciting offers on your favorite brands. Let’s dive into the world of big discounts on vouchers from Bata, Myntra, Nykaa, and Lifestyle.

Shop to Your Heart’s Content with Big Discounts

Independence Day brings with it a perfect opportunity to give yourself the gift of freedom – the freedom to shop without hesitation! Imagine exploring a treasure trove of vouchers that offer substantial discounts on renowned brands. Whether you’re looking for trendy footwear from Bata, the latest fashion from Myntra, beauty essentials from Nykaa, or lifestyle products from Lifestyle, these vouchers have got you covered.

HDFC Bank – Smart Buy Instant Vouchers

HDFC Bank, a true partner in your celebrations, is here to make your shopping experience even more delightful. Get 40% OFF on top brand Vouchers from Smart Buy. Avail up to 5% cashback/ 5X reward points on your purchases with HDFC Bank credit and debit cards. This is the perfect way to not only shop to your heart’s content but also earn rewards while doing so. It’s time to make every purchase count and celebrate your freedom to shop.

Deals on Best-Selling Brands

  1. 17.5% OFF on Bata Instant Vouchers +  5% Cashback/ 5X Reward Points
  2. 9% OFF on Myntra Instant Vouchers +  5% Cashback/ 5X Reward Points
  3. 2.5% OFF on Nykaa Instant Vouchers +  5% Cashback/ 5X Reward Points
  4. 2.5% Lifestyle Instant Vouchers +  5% Cashback/ 5X Reward Points

Axis Bank – Edge Rewards

Axis Bank understands your desire to make the most of this special occasion. Shop top brand Vouchers at 35% OFF on Edge Rewards With Axis Bank credit and debit cards, you can unlock up to 5X reward points on your purchases. This means that not only are you enjoying fantastic discounts on vouchers, but you’re also earning valuable rewards that can be redeemed later. It’s the best way to experience the true essence of shopping freedom.

Offers on Top Selling Brands: 

  1. 35% OFF on Sony LIV Vouchers + Up to 5X Reward Points
  2. 7.5% OFF on Bata Voucher + Up to 5X Reward Points
  3. 4% OFF on Lifestyle Voucher + Up to 5X Reward Points

YONO SBI E- Vouchers

Yono SBI, your digital companion, takes your Independence Day celebrations a notch higher. Get leading brand Vouchers at 38% OFF on Yono SBI!

With Yono SBI, you can earn up to 5X E-Coins on your purchases with SBI Credit Card or Debit Card. Imagine the joy of not just shopping, but also accumulating E-Coins that can be used for more shopping or other exciting experiences. It’s a celebration of freedom, choices, and rewards all rolled into one.

Most Loved Offers on YONO SBI 

  1. 5% OFF on Myntra E-Vouchers + Up to 5X E-Coins 
  2. 10% OFF on Bata E-Voucher + Up to 5X E-Coins
  3. 3% OFF on Nykaa E-Voucher + Up to 5X E-Coins

This Independence Day, let’s revel in the joy of shopping, saving, and celebrating. The freedom to choose, the thrill of discounts, and the excitement of rewards await you. So, go ahead and make this Independence Day truly memorable by indulging in a shopping spree that’s as liberating as it is delightful!

Happy Independence Day and happy shopping!

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