Making Iftar more special with Gift Cards

I have made my Iftar treats feel even more special for my family & friends with GyFTR Gift Cards! Ramadan is a special time of year for Muslims around the world. It’s the time of spiritual renewal. During this time, many people will break their fast with a special meal known as Iftar. This meal is often shared with family and friends, and it’s a time of celebration and joy. F&B Gift Cards are a great way to celebrate Ramadan evenings, as they come with exciting discounts and can be accessed instantly!

I have grown while watching my Abbu & Ammi bringing in happy surprises in the form of delectable dishes throughout the month of Ramdaan during the Iftar. To me, Iftar means a table full of lip-smacking, aromatic dishes. It means sharing Iftar meals with all those whom I adore, love, and respect!

I started my job last year, and this is my Ramadan since then. So, I planned a cute way to surprise my Ammi, Abbu & Aapi with Iftar Meal Gift Cards! I & my family have always celebrated this auspicious month together, each Iftar meal was shared on a single table. I missed home, as I was posted to Bangalore for my job. I wanted us to share our feelings over Iftar even this year.

GyFTR makes all occasions special with Gift Cards!

Here’s why I prefer Gift Cards:

  1. Gift Cards provide flexibility, as when I get a Zomato Gift Card & gift it to my family they can order the food of their choice according to their cravings. The same goes for Domino’s Gift Card, my Aapi loves to savor pan pizzas, so I let her choose her choice of crust, toppings & cheese when it comes to treating her with her favorite dish!
  1. They are super convenient to buy, and they make the process seamless and cashless. Gift Cards act as a currency, it’s a gift that comes with the freedom to choose!
  1. The most amazing thing about Gift Cards is that they are super instant. You can surprise your loved ones super duper instantly, as they will receive the Gift Card with a personalized message on their mobile/ mail immediately after you have made the purchase. 
  1. Discounts make Gift Cards even more attractive, who doesn’t want to save extra bucks even if it’s while gifting? GyFTR Gift Cards provide top brand Gift Cards at discounted prices, so saving with GyFTR doesn’t mean one has to compromise the quality!

In conclusion, Gift Cards for food and beverages are a great way to make Iftar even more special during Ramadan. From Cafe Coffee Day Gift Cards to BBQ Gift Cards, there are plenty of options to choose from that will cater to everyone’s tastes and preferences. They allow the recipient to choose their meal and enjoy it in their way, You can also mix and match different brands to provide a range of options and flavors.

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