Chocolate Day

Heart Melting Deals on Gift Vouchers!

Dear Chocolate lovers, what better way to enjoy Chocolate Day than to indulge in Chocolaty delicacies and lip-smacking velvety treats? And guess what’s even better? A pocketful of savings! Avail exciting discounts and offers on Zomato, Baskin Robbins, and more gift cards and vouchers from GyFTR available on the HDFC Smartbuy platform, using your HDFC credit/debit card or Payzapp wallet. 

Indulge in the Sweet Symphony of Chocolate Delights with GyFTR Vouchers on HDFC SmartBuy!

  1. Satisfy Your Cravings With Zomato Gift Cards

Celebrate your Chocolate Day with Zomato Gift Cards, one one-stop destination for all your culinary desires. Order Chocolaty treats for your loved ones from Theobroma, Theos, Choco La, ROYCE’ Chocolate, and more using Zomato Gift Cards. HDFC SmartBuy offers amazing discounts and up to 5X Reward Points/5% Cashback on select HDFC credit/debit cards.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a scrumptious chocolatey surprise with Zomato’s doorstep delivery service. 

  1. Convenience meets Sweet Savings with Blinkit Vouchers

Craving chocolate but don’t want to wait? Look no further. Blinkit is your perfect partner, from gifting premium chocolates to creating nostalgia with classic favorites. This Chocolate Day create a hamper to pamper your loved ones!

Wondering where to start?

Well, start by filling your cart with classic chocolates like Munch, Dairy Milk, Kit-Kat, Milky Bar, Gems, Perk, and Kinder Joy. Order them together to make their heart melt for you!

Say goodbye to long queues, and hi to candy-coated savings! Enjoy hassle-free shopping with Blinkit Vouchers from GyFTR which are available on the HDFC SmartBuy platform at unbeatable prices.

  1. Savour Premium Chocolate Beverages with Costa Coffee Vouchers 

This Chocolate Day, take your loved ones out for a well-deserved chocolate treat with Costa Coffee Vouchers. Sip and savor velvety hot chocolate, and refreshing choco frappe with indulgent chocolate cake. Costa Coffee has something to offer every chocolate lover. Get up to 5% cash back along with yummy discounts and reward points using your HDFC Credit and Debit Cards only on HDFC SmartBuy. 

  1. Love is One Scoop & Two Spoons

Treat your love to flavorsome scoops of joy with a Baskin Robbins Voucher. Savor the flavor with their tantalizing range of ice creams. Be it choco-chip or lush choco fudge brownie, Baskin Robbins has it all. Treat yourself to a delicious scoop or surprise your loved ones with a rich ice cream cake, using the Baskin Robbins Voucher from GyFTR available on the HDFC SmartBuy portal and get mindblowing cashback on your Infinia Card. Whether you are enjoying your special day with your partner or preferably just popping down to the store for a solo treat, Baskin Robbins frozen selections will surpass all expectations and satisfy your cravings.

How to grab Vouchers from HDFC SmartBuy:

Follow these simple steps to unlock the savings and rewards on SmartBuy Instant Vouchers:

1. Visit the SmartBuy Instant Vouchers website

2. Login using the mobile number linked to your HDFC account.

3. Explore the page of the brand whose voucher you wish to purchase.

4. Select the voucher value and quantity.

5. Click on “Buy Now” and complete the payment using your HDFC credit/debit card.

6. Receive your SmartBuy voucher code via WhatsApp, SMS, and email within minutes.

As Chocolate Day approaches, HDFC SmartBuy is delighted to extend a delectable invitation to you. Dive into the ultimate celebration of sweetness with our irresistible gift vouchers from top-notch brands. Discover a world of chocolatey wonders with GyFTR Vouchers available on the HDFC SmartBuy platform. Whether you’re craving rich chocolate treats for yourself or seeking the perfect present for a loved one, our exclusive offers promise a memorable Chocolate Day experience. Don’t miss out on these sweet deals that allow you to treat yourself or surprise someone special with an unforgettable Chocolate Day celebration. Embrace the joy of gifting and relishing delightful chocolate experiences, all made possible through GyFTR Vouchers on HDFC SmartBuy. Indulge, savor, and make this Chocolate Day truly extraordinary!

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