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Give your feet the much-needed comfort with discounted Bata Gift Vouchers

“Put your best foot forward”; we have all heard of this famous saying which means you should try to make the best impression. But here we are talking about the same phrase but in a different context. Here, we are talking about maintaining the best health for your feet. If our feet are not healthy, we will be caged to a chair or a bed. On the other hand, if our feet are healthy we will have to freedom to move around wherever we want. So, it is in our best interest to keep our feet healthy. Wearing the right footwear plays a very important role in keeping our feet healthy. Bata, which is India’s largest footwear retailer has a wide footwear collection that can keep our feet healthy on every occasion for all genders across all age groups.

Enjoy flat 10% discount on Bata Gift Vouchers

GyFTR has come up with an exciting discount offer on Bata Gift Vouchers that will make you jump in with both feet literally! When you buy Bata Gift Vouchers from the GyFTR website, you get a flat 10% discount. You can use Bata Gift Vouchers online at or Bata retail outlets. Gift Vouchers can also be used during a sale. This is the best time to grab some Bata Gift Vouchers from the GyFTR website because most footwear retailers including Bata come out with sale offers during the monsoon season. This will help you maximize your savings with the sale offer and an additional 10% discount with Bata Gift Vouchers.

How to redeem Bata Gift Vouchers

  1. Visit and select the products that you wish to purchase by adding them to your shopping cart
  2. Click on the “ORDER NOW” button to proceed to the payment page
  3. Click on the “GIFT VOUCHER” tab to enter the Gift Voucher code and click on the “REDEEM VOUCHER” button to use the Gift Voucher
  4. The Gift Voucher will get redeemed. If your order amount is more than the Gift Voucher amount, the balance amount can be paid using other modes of payment
  5. If the Gift Voucher amount is higher than the order amount, no refund or credit note will be issued for the unused amount of the Gift Voucher. So, plan your purchase accordingly.
  6. Multiple Gift Vouchers (up to a maximum of 7) can be used in one bill

Bata footwear is a mix of elegance, durability, and economy

Bata footwear matches effortlessly with every outfit in your wardrobe, and never fails to make you look stylish. Their footwear is durable and long-lasting making you spend less when you choose Bata. Their footwear is elegant which raises your style quotient. The best part is the durability and elegance of Bata footwear comes at a reasonable price. To sum it up all, Bata footwear is a mix of elegance, durability, and economy – all rolled into one.

Bata footwear for everyone for every occasion

Bata offers a wide range of footwear catering to all categories of people (children, adult males, and females, and senior citizens) for all occasions. Some of the brands offered by Bata include:

  1. Children’s footwear: Bubblegummers is an exclusive range that caters to the footwear needs of children, starting right from infants. In this category, they offer shoes, sandals, ballerinas, flip flops, etc. So, whatever footwear type your kid is choosy about, Bata has a solution.
  2. Formal footwear: The Hush Puppies brand from Bata is more focused on formal footwear for office and other formal occasions. The Scholl brand offers a wide variety of female footwear in categories like sandals, wedges, ballerinas, etc., and male footwear in categories like thong slippers, slip-on, flip flops, etc. The Scholl Biomechanics footwear incorporates Orthaheel technology which is designed to restore natural foot function. It aligns the feet, reducing heel and knee pain.
  3. Footwear for sports and outdoor activities: The Power, Weinbrenner, and CAT brands are more focused on sportswear and footwear for other outdoor activities like jogging, running, hiking, trekking, etc. These brands offer casual shoes, sandals, floaters, etc. for outdoor activities.

Put your best foot forward rather than being on the back foot

Our feet serve us from the day we are born, right throughout our life. So, it is our foremost responsibility to take care of our feet by serving them with comfortable footwear. Bata has the right footwear for everyone: kids, adults (males and females), and senior citizens for all the occasions: formal, casual, sports, etc. Do remember, with Bata footwear, you can always give your feet the much-needed comfort that they deserve. If you get your footwear wrong, you will be caught on the back foot. But, with the right footwear from Bata, you can put your best foot forward.

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