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Bring home your favourite gadget with BOGO offer on Croma Gift Voucher

Due to the lockdown, a lot of people had to postpone the purchases of gadgets like mobiles, electronics like televisions, and consumer durables like washing machines, etc. From June, the Government has announced Unlock in which a lot of businesses have been allowed to open except for a few. Under Unlock, the retail shops dealing in electronics have been allowed to open up. This is an opportunity to buy your favorite gadget that you always wanted to but could not due to the lockdown.

BOGO offer on Croma Gift Voucher

We understand that you are excited to bring home your favorite gadget. Let us add some excitement from our side to your gadget purchase. ZILLION has come up with a mouth-watering buy one get one (BOGO) offer on Croma Gift Vouchers. When you buy a Croma Gift Voucher worth Rs. 500 or Rs. 1000 from the ZILLION website, you will get an Rs. 500 off Croma promo code free. You will also get 3 ZILLION Points for every Rs. 100 spent on purchasing Croma Gift Vouchers from the ZILLION website.

Croma: One of the best retail chains for consumer electronics and durables

Croma is a part of the Tata Group, India’s most trusted group. Croma has 150+ stores across 40+ major cities in India. Once you buy Croma Gift Vouchers, head to the nearest Croma store in your vicinity. Croma promises a ‘Brighter Every Day’ for its customers. With its wide range of over 6,000 products across 200 brands, Croma caters to all types of customers across all age groups. 

Croma has all the gadgets for you

Just walk into a Croma store and ask for the gadget that you are looking for. Croma has all the gadgets depending on the brand that you are looking for, the specs that you want, and the price points that suit your budget. In short, just name the gadget that you are looking for and Croma has it.

Using Croma Gift Voucher

At the Croma store, finalise the product that you wish to buy. Share the voucher code with the cashier at the time of billing and it will be redeemed in a jiffy. If your billing amount is more than the Gift Voucher amount, pay the balance amount using other payment modes like cash, card, etc. Some of the important points that you need to remember include:

  1. You can use Multiple Gift Vouchers in a single bill
  2. Gift Vouchers can be used to buy discounted products or during a sale. So, this is a good time to stock up on Croma Gift Vouchers for the next sale event. Make the most of the BOGO offer and get maximum savings
  3. Gift Vouchers are accepted at all listed Croma outlets
  4. Partial redemption of Gift Vouchers is allowed, but no refund or credit note will be issued for the unused Gift Voucher amount

Brand Croma stands for – Life, More Beautiful

Croma has the favorite gadget that you are longing to own. ZILLION has the BOGO offer that will give you more value for your money. With this irresistible combination, what are you waiting for? Just grab your Croma Gift Vouchers from the ZILLION website and head to the nearest Croma store and bring home your favorite gadget. Brand Croma stands for – Life More Beautiful; the promise is based not just on the beauty in the way they look but also on the value they offer to a customer’s life. The range is a perfect fit, for those who desire a completely feature-packed and quality product.

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