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It was because of Women's Day that the women from Russia got the right to vote. Yeah, this day is indeed so powerful. No wonder it is celebrated across the globe on 8th March every year.

On this day, we honour the achievements of women from different walks of life. The countries like Cuba, Belarus, Russia, Uganda, Armenia, and numerous others have an official holiday on this day.

In India, too, Women's Day is celebrated at the micro and macro level. Almost every office gives something special to their female employees, whereas social media platforms are flooded with wishes by celebrities, government officials, influencers, and everyone else.

Perhaps you are also planning to do something special on this day.

This day gives you a chance to thank the special women in your life, be it your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, or friend.

Choosing a gift for women's day is something many of us do as a part of the celebration. Not every random gift you see in the market is suitable for this special day. It would help if you were more thoughtful. Well, gift cards solve your problem. When you send a brand gift voucher to that special woman, she can select whatever she wants from that particular brand. And to help you choose the right voucher for her, we have offered various suggestions.

Women's day gift for wife

Many husbands feel confused when looking for a gift for their wife. They want their wife to feel the romance between them is over. Or that they didn't put in efforts to find that perfect gift. A gift voucher from her favourite apparel brand will do the job. She can order whatever she likes online or from the outlet of that brand. Something precious like Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift voucher or Malabar Gold & Diamond Jewellery also works perfectly. Trust us; she's going to love it.

Women's day gift for Mom

Your mom was there for you from your very first day in the world. She's gonna be there for you forever. The gift you give her is a little token of gratitude for her unconditional love. Some great women's day gift ideas for mom include:

You can always ask her what she would like to have as a Women's Day present.

Women's day gift card for employees

When it comes to gifts for employees, you need to choose something that makes them appreciated and respected. One of the gifts to celebrate their womanhood is the subscription to female-oriented magazines. You can give them:

Or, you can give them a Chaayos gift voucher that they can redeem at any outlet of Chaayos near them. If the people at your office love pizza parties, give them more reasons to do so with Dominos gift card. If you feel that choosing your employees' perfect gift is confusing, let them choose their favourite brand. You can give five to ten options. Send them Google's online form to fill in their choices.

Women's day gift ideas for girlfriend

Again, selecting a gift for your bae can be tricky. So many options, so little time. Plus, you are not sure about what she is expecting as a gift from you. If we specifically talk about apparel, selecting the right outfit from millions of options is overwhelming. Give her the gift voucher of her favourite fashion brand. In case there are confusions about this, too, you can give her the voucher of shopping destinations, such as Central Gift Card, Shoppers Stop Gift Card, and Planet Fashion gift card. A voucher from Myntra also works well if she's an online shopper.

But she likes me to gift her flowers, cakes, and chocolates? We understand your situation. You can do things. Either you can give her a Ferns & Petals gift card or you can purchase its voucher at a discounted price and then order the flowers, cakes, and chocolates for her.

Other gift voucher Options

The choices for women's day gifts do not end up here. You can browse through a myriad of brand vouchers on GyFTR to find the option that matches her lifestyle and needs.

How to send a Women's Day Gift Card from GyFTR?

To buy a gift card for Women's Day, follow these steps:

  1. Login to GyFTR using your mobile number and PIN. If you aren't a registered user yet, you need to become one to buy a gift card.
  2. Hover your mouse over one of the nine categories in the header section. From the list of brands that appear, select any one of your choices.
  3. On the brand page that opens up, select the denomination (face value) of the gift voucher and its quantity.
  4. Select the "I am gyfting" option on the brand page.
  5. Enter the details of the recipient: including their name, contact number, and email address. GyFTR also lets you add a custom message that they will receive with the voucher.
  6. Make the payment from one of the available payment methods: UPI, debit card, credit card, mobile wallets, and GyFTR PAY wallet.

In a few minutes, the gift card will reach the recipient via SMS and/or email.

5 Reasons to purchase gifts for Women's Day from GyFTR

There are plenty of reasons to purchase gifts for Women's Day from GyFTR, including:

  1. You receive a discount of up to 40% on the brand vouchers. The discounts vary by the brand you choose.
  2. You can send the voucher directly to your loved ones without any delay. It just takes the click of a few buttons to do so.
  3. You can include a custom message to express your feelings for the special woman you are sending the gift to.
  4. The recipient can redeem the gift voucher easily online or at a retail store based on the brand of the voucher.
  5. There are 200+ different brand vouchers to choose from, ranging from restaurant vouchers and apparel vouchers to travel vouchers and grocery vouchers.

So, what are you sending her today?

Happy Women's Day!!

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