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Eid is a significant religious festival celebrated by Muslims around the world. It marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, during which Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. The festival is a time of joy, generosity, and forgiveness, and it is an occasion for families and friends to come together and share gifts, food, and prayers. On the day of Eid, Muslims gather in mosques or outdoor spaces for prayer, followed by feasting and socializing. People dress up in new clothes and exchange gifts with their loved ones. Traditional sweet dishes and delicacies are prepared, and everyone takes part in the festivities. Eid in the year 2024 will be a time of joy and celebration, where families and friends come together to share gifts and good food. If you're looking for the perfect gift to give this Eid, look no further than the GyFTR gift cards. With a wide range of options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Why Shop for Eid gift cards & gift vouchers from GyFTR?

  1. Convenience: GyFTR gift cards are the perfect gift for Eid because they offer the ultimate convenience. Recipients can use their gift cards to shop for a variety of items, including clothing, accessories, and more, both online and in-store.
  2. Flexibility: The gift cards are available in different denominations, making them a flexible gifting option for any budget. Plus, they never expire, giving recipients the freedom to use them whenever they want.
  3. Wide range of brands: GyFTR offers gift cards from a wide range of popular brands, including Pantaloons, Lifestyle, Central, and more. This ensures that there is something for everyone, no matter their style or taste.
  4. Personalized messages: GyFTR gift cards allow you to add personalized messages to your gifts, making them even more special and memorable. This is a great way to show your loved ones how much you care and appreciate them on this special occasion.
  5. Instant Gifting: GyfTR Eid Gift Cards make your gifting much more seamless, thoughtful & instant. During peak festive seasons, it is difficult to queue outside stores and pick up Eid gifts for your family. It is also super difficult to transport all the gifts. Sometimes, you may even miss out on someone from the list and forget to buy a gift for them. GyFTR gives you a one-stop solution against all your Eid Gifting woes. Now simply buy an Instant Gift Card on the website, choose the “I am Gyfting” option, and send it directly to your favorite family member and friends. Eid Gift Vouchers are a great way to send gifts to loved ones living far away with a single click. Send Instant Gift Vouchers to your near and dear ones with no worries.

This Eid, celebrate the joy of the occasion by giving the gift of choice with GyFTR gift cards. With their convenience, flexibility, a wide range of brands, and personalization options, they are the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care. So, head over to the GyFTR website and start gifting now!

Ace Eid Daawat with Gift Cards

Baskin Robbins Gift CardsWe Indians love sweets. Be it Kulfis or Icecreams it’s always welcomed with a yes! To celebrate Eid and its spirits with utter sweetness and purity grab a few Baskin Robins Gift Cards & savor desserts on this day. GyFTR is offering Baskin Robbins Gift Cards at a 7% discount. Isn’t that a good reason to enjoy the festive flavors at the max?

Swiggy Money Voucher: You can relish Eid special dishes like Biriyani, Nihari, and more, with Swiggy Money Vouchers. Get your Eid Ki Daawat sorted with GyFTR’s Swiggy Money Voucher. You can save 3% on your orders with Swiggy Money Voucher!

Eid 2024 Gift Ideas

Pantaloons Gift Cards: She can redeem her gift card at any Pantaloons store to purchase her favorite outfits. Don’t get surprised if she spends an entire day selecting the right items for her closet.

Myntra Gift Cards: If she’s an online shopper, she will be thrilled to get a voucher for Myntra. This voucher gives her access to a world of Indian wear, fusion wear, western wear, and footwear. Designer belts, scarves, sunglasses, and also beauty products are available with their voucher.

Croma Gift Cards: Eid is the time when people prefer to buy/ gift new electronic gadgets and home appliances. It is believed that it is the most auspicious time to do so. Giving something that makes their purchase easier is always a great idea. The Croma Digital Gift Cards you send them will let them choose from an array of LED TVs, refrigerators, smartphones, PlayStations, and other products.

Candere Gold Coin Gift Cards: It is a centuries-old tradition to give gold coins to your nears and dears during festivals. This traditional Gift is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. If you also plan to send something like this, consider giving them a Candere gold coin Gift coin. They can order a gold coin seamlessly online using this Online Voucher. It often tops the list of the best Eid Gift ideas. You buy Candere Gold Coin Gift Cards for your wife, Gift Cards for your sister, and Gift Cards for your mother. 

Amazon Gift Cards: One of the favorite online shopping destinations -- Amazon also doubles as the perfect Eid Gift. This e-commerce platform houses something for everyone right from electronics, books, entertainment, furniture, groceries, apparel, household items, sports equipment, industrial products, and loads more. The recipient won’t feel disappointed if you gift them Amazon E-Gift Voucher. Using an Amazon E-Gift Voucher, a user can also buy or renew his/her Prime subscription or pay utility bills. 

How To Send A Gift Voucher On Eid?

Follow these steps to purchase a Gift Voucher for Eid:

  • Login to GyFTR using your credentials. 
  • Type the brand name whose voucher you want to send.
  • Select the voucher denomination from the available options.
  • Check the box “I Am Gyfting.”
  • Fill in the details of the recipient.
  • Click on the CHECKOUT button & pay using one of the applicable payment methods.
  • The recipient will get your Eid gift in a few minutes.

How Can They Redeem Eid Gift Cards Online?

Here’s how you can redeem your Eid Gift Card online: 

  • Visit the brand’s official website
  • Select the product that you want to buy from the online store
  • Enter the Gift Cards code on the payments page
  • The voucher will be redeemed instantly

How You Can Redeem Eid Gift Cards At A Store?

Here’s how you can redeem Eid Gift Cards at a store: 

  • Use the Store Locator option on the brand page to find the nearest outlet
  • Visit one of the outlets. Select the items you want to redeem
  • At the billing counter, show the Eid Gift Cards
  • Pay the remaining balance via cash or another applicable method
  • To find out if a Gift Card is applicable online or at a store, visit the respective brand page
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