Nykaa is a one stop shop for all cosmeholics. It has over 1,00,000 products & over 2000 brands to choose from. Gyftr offers Nykaa Gift Vouchers through which you can shop your heart right from the comfort of your home and save big bucks at the same time. If you’re a fashionista and want to be under the spotlight get going, browse homegrown, international popular, premium and luxury brands. Nykaa Gift Cards from Nykaa Gift Vouchers is a gateway to stay tuned with the latest beauty trends and rock the world of fashion & lifestyle. The Nykaa Gift Vouchers are valid on nykaa beauty, nykaa fashion and nykaa man + our offline stores- nykaa luxe and nykaa on trend.

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Note: Payment to be made only using Standard Chartered Credit / Debit Cards

A Nykaa E-Gift Voucher gives you access to a sizable and expertly curated assortment of health and beauty products that is created to satisfy a range of needs and preferences. With Nykaa, the world of beauty is at your fingertips, from essential cosmetic products to must-have skincare items. Nykaa values all manifestations of beauty. The firm values inclusivity and diversity by providing products that are suitable for many age groups, skin tones, and hair types. Purchasing high-end beauty products is made easier with the Nykaa E-Gift Voucher. The Nykaa E-Gift Voucher by Standard Chartered allows you to purchase high-quality products at affordable prices. You may experience quality without going over budget with the Nykaa E-Gift Voucher.

Standard Chartered offers e-gift vouchers in different denominations for its customers. Keep reading for all the details.

Nykaa E-Gift Vouchers for Special Occasions

Nykaa E-Gift Vouchers are treasured presents with a lot of sentimental meaning. The present of a Nykaa E-present Voucher turns into an everlasting gesture of devotion, whether celebrating important occasions or expressing love and gratitude. The Nykaa E-Gift Voucher gives recipients the freedom to browse the brand's numerous collections and select jewellery that speaks to their individual tales. The Nykaa E-Gift Voucher makes it possible for recipients to select jewellery items that complement their unique tastes and styles. For special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, farewells, graduations, and other significant milestones, give your loved ones a Nykaa E-Gift Voucher.

Nykaa E-Gift Vouchers for Corporate Gifting

Giving Nykaa E-Gift Vouchers is a gesture that goes above and beyond giving typical business presents by encouraging the recipients to feel good about themselves and take care of themselves. With the help of Nykaa E-Gift Vouchers, recipients can choose from a wide variety of goods to meet their tastes and needs. They can select goods that suit their particular skincare and self-care needs. Giving employees a Nykaa E-Gift Voucher demonstrates thoughtfulness and personal appreciation for their devotion and hard work. 

How to buy a Nykaa E-Gift Voucher 

To get your hands on the Nykaa E-Gift Voucher. Follow the steps given below.

  • Login to your Standard Chartered Mahindra Bank account by entering your credentials.

  • Type Nykaa in the search bar.

  • Add to cart your preferred denomination .

  • Complete payment through the applicable payment mode. 

How to redeem Nykaa E-Gift Voucher 

You can redeem the Nykaa E-Gift Voucher online and at the Nykaa store, just follow the steps given below

To redeem Offline: 

  • To locate the closest eligible store, use the Outlet Locator.

  • Visit the shop and purchase your favourite stuff there.

  • Show the cashier your Nykaa E-Gift Card by Standard Chartered when paying

  • Pay any outstanding balance using a payment option that is offered.

To redeem Online: 

  • Visit Nykaa.com and choose the goods you want to buy.

  • Choose the "Gift Card" payment option when you arrive at our payment page.

  • Click on apply after entering your 16-digit Card Code and associated Card PIN.

  • The value of the Gift Card will be subtracted from the total due.

  • Add additional gift cards to your wallet in order to spend them.

What happens if the final bill is more than my Nykaa E-Gift Voucher amount?

If the total amount exceeds the Nykaa Voucher value, you will have to pay the remaining balance through available payment modes. 

I have lost my Nykaa E-Gift Voucher. Can I get a duplicate voucher?

If you have lost your Nykaa E-Gift Voucher, it is possible to get a duplicate voucher.

What are the available options for Nykaa online E-Gift Vouchers?

Explore the world of Nykaa with a range of denominations available just for you. Shop & Gift at your convenience with Nykaa Vouchers. Hurry, as denominations are subject to stock availability. So, grab your Nykaa Gift Vouchers today and indulge in a fantastic shopping experience!

What is the validity of my Nykaa e-gift voucher?

The validity of the Nykaa E-Gift Voucher is subjective. It usually lasts between 3 to 6 months. The exact details will be provided via sms or email.