Bhai Dooj Gift Cards

Bhai Dooj celebrates the eternal bond between brother and sister. This auspicious occasion lets the individuals express their feelings to their siblings. It is also on the occasion that the siblings pray for the well-being of each other.

Giving gifts to each other is an important part of this celebration. Traditionally, sweets, clothes, and other items were given to the siblings.

In the current era, a myriad of new gifting options has emerged. It can be tough to find the right gift that suits the choice and preferences of our siblings.

This is where Bhai Dooj Gift Cards come into the picture. These Gift Card:

  • Are Delivered instantly
  • Come with amazing discounts
  • Are available with 200+ brand options
  • Can be redeemed easily
  • Offer Freedom of choice to the recipients.

At GyFTR, we offer Gift Cards of all top brands and online shopping sites. You can send those Gift Cards directly to your loved ones with a click of a few buttons.

Although every Gift Cards option is special, we have chosen the best five to help you make the decision.

BookMyShow Gift Cards

The entire year is lined up with some fantastic movies from Bollywood and Hollywood. The trailers of most of them are promising. Give your siblings a chance to watch those movies in the theaters near them with a BookMyShow Gift Cards. They can book their movie tickets online in a few minutes. BookMyShow also tells you which seats are available through an interactive window. You can select the seats of your choice without any hassle. If they are movie buffs, a BMS Gift Cards is the best Bhai Dooj gift for them. They can also book music concerts, stand-up comedy shows, workshops, adventure sports, or other events in the city using the Gift Cards.

Baskin Robbins Gift Cards

We just ordered FROZEN DELIGHTS for our team before writing this page. And we can already see smiling faces throughout the office. Ice creams have and will remain one of the best sources of happiness. When it comes to Baskin Robbins, the happiness quadruples. So many wonderful options that force us to keep having those delicious scoops. Even in winters. Want to delight your sibling? Send them a Baskin Robbins Gift Cards. They can use it to order timeless flavors, divine delicacies, or yummy milkshakes. And yeah, they won’t steal your ice cream anymore.

Myntra Gift Cards

“I gave my brother a blazer, but he didn’t like it much.”

“I sent my sis a designer handbag, but it was too big for her.”

Finding the right apparel or fashion accessory for them is never easy. You have to consider their choice of color, size, style, and many other things. No wonder people avoid giving such items to their siblings. Thanks to Myntra Gift Cards, things have changed. The recipient (your bro or sis) can order whatever they want through Myntra’s website or online app. It could be a formal suit, a designer dress, a comfortable lower, a trendy t-shirt, or the latest footwear. Isn’t it the perfect gift?

Amazon & Flipkart Gift Cards

Play safe with Amazon Gift Card & Flipkart Gift Card. These options are present in many gifting lists and blogs. There’s a reason behind this: people can order virtually anything from these online stores.

Does your sibling want a new novel? These stores have it.

Or, maybe a box of chocolates? Yes, they have it.

Or the latest LED TV? Of course, there are plenty of options.

Or some trendy clothes? Sure, they have endless choices.

The options are never-ending. This means what your sibling is expecting is present on these sites.

How to send your siblings a Bhai Dooj Gift Cards?

Sending a Bhai Dooj Gift Cards is simple:

  • Log in to your GyFTR account. Create one instantly if not registered yet.
  • Open the brand whose gift voucher you want to send.
  • Press the ADD button to choose the Gift Cards amount on the brand page.
  • Tick this box: I am Gyfting. Fill in the details of the recipient.
  • Press the CHECKOUT button. Pay with one of the applicable payment methods.

Your sibling will receive the Gift Cards instantly.

How can your sibling redeem Gift Cards online?

Your sibling needs to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the brand whose Gift Cards you have sent.
  • Add the desired items to the cart.
  • Enter the Gift Cards code and PIN (if applicable) on the Payments page.

Their Gift Cards will be redeemed instantly.

How can your sibling redeem Gift Cards offline?

Your sibling needs to follow these steps:

  • Use the Store Locator option on the page to find eligible outlets.
  • Visit one of the outlets and select the desired items.
  • Pay for the items using the Gift Cards.

Their Gift Cards will be redeemed on the spot.

What happens if the final bill crosses the Bhai Dooj Gift Cards amount?

If the final bill is more than the Bhai Dooj Gift Cards amount, your sibling needs to pay the remaining balance via cash or any other applicable method.

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