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Shiv-Naresh is renowned for emphasizing innovation and producing goods of superior quality. To make sure that it's sports gear and apparel satisfy the demands and expectations of its customers, the company uses cutting-edge materials and technologies in the manufacturing process. Shiv-Naresh sells a variety of goods, such as athletic shoes, t-shirts, tracksuits, and other apparel for various sports, including basketball, football, jogging, and more. The company also offers the sale of sporting goods like balls, racquets, and other accessories. For maximum savings, get discounted Shiv-Naresh vouchers from GyFTR.

Shiv-Naresh Gift Vouchers for your loved ones

Add fuel to your loved ones’ fitness sessions with Shiv-Naresh Gift Vouchers. Using this voucher, they can order apparel and footwear from this online store. Give it to them on occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and even weddings. This is also ideal for festive occasions and special days (Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.)

Shiv-Naresh Gift Vouchers for business gifting

Give your business contacts something meaningful in the form of a Shiv-Naresh voucher. This is something worth sending to your clients, employees, and business partners. Doing so tells them you care for them. They feel more connected to your organization. The employees will work more dedicatedly with surprises like these. Whereas the clients consider you one of their preferred vendors. 

I have multiple Shiv-Naresh vouchers with me. Can I use them during a single transaction?

Yes, Multiple Gift Vouchers can be used in one bill.

Can Shiv-Naresh Gift Vouchers be used on discounted products?

Yes, Shiv- Naresh Gift Vouchers can be used to buy discounted products.

What can I buy using my Shiv-Naresh Gift Voucher?

You can purchase anything that’s available on the brand’s online store. This includes t-shirts, accessories, sports footwear, and other items. 

How to buy a Shiv-Naresh Gift Voucher from GyFTR?

Follow these steps to buy a Shiv-Naresh Gift Voucher:

  1. Enter your mobile number and PIN/password to login to GyFTR. Create an account instantly if you don’t have one. 
  2. Hover your mouse pointer over the Health & Wellness category and click on Shiv-Naresh from the dropdown menu.
  3. On the page that opens, press the ADD button corresponding to the voucher value you want to purchase. 
  4. Click on the CHECKOUT button and pay using one of the available payment methods. 

In a few mins, you will receive your voucher via SMS and email. 

How to redeem a Shiv-Naresh Gift Voucher from GyFTR?

Step 1: Log on / Register on the Shiv-Naresh  Website www.shivnaresh.in.

Step 2: Choose your product. Add to cart.

Step 3: Add your Gift Voucher / Discount code at the checkout or  Billing, and pay the rest by cash or Voucher. if required.

 What happens if I lose my Shiv-Naresh Gift Voucher?

We will provide you with the duplicate Gift Voucher in case you lose your original voucher. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click on the chat assistant icon present in the top right corner. 
  2. Among the options that appear, select the “I have lost my voucher” option. 
  3. You need to enter the mobile number that you used to purchase the voucher. 
  4. Enter the OTP received on that number.
  5. You will get the voucher details again in a few minutes.
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