Entertainment goes beyond being a simple diversion from the routine; it can also significantly enhance one's productivity. Surprising as it may seem, regularly indulging in entertainment, whether through exciting movies, web series, or magazines, can refresh your mind and prepare you for upcoming tasks.

Sharing such moments with friends and family can create unforgettable memories. There's a unique charm in the collective experience of watching your favorite movies in a cinema hall with loved ones. And then there are magazines, offering a dual benefit. Firstly, they keep you updated on the latest developments in various aspects of life, depending on your reading choices. Secondly, they provide a regular dose of entertainment through engaging articles and captivating images in every issue.

At RBL, we appreciate the significance of both entertainment and magazines. That's why we offer movie Gift Cards and magazine vouchers to our customers, helping them access a world of entertainment with ease.

Share online streaming and movie Gift Cards with your loved ones

We all have friends and family members who are captivated by the world of cinema and web series. Their conversations often revolve around new releases, classic films, and addictive shows. Delight these enthusiasts with online streaming and movie Gift Cards from RBL. Many of these Gift Cards come with attractive discounts, ensuring that both you and your loved ones will be delighted.

Gift Magazine Vouchers to your dear ones

If you have loved ones who devote a significant portion of their time to reading books and magazines, why not gift them what they cherish? Magazine vouchers from RBL cover a wide range of genres and domains, including fashion, lifestyle, Bollywood, travel, business, and automobiles. This means there's something to cater to every reader's taste. These Gift Vouchers make for perfect presents on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or other special occasions.

Movie Gift Cards and Magazine Vouchers for corporate gifting

Employees, existing clients, and potential customers always appreciate meaningful and useful gifts. Subscriptions to renowned magazines or movies and online streaming Gift Cards are excellent choices. RBL offers multiple options, allowing you to acquire these Vouchers at a fraction of the regular price. They can be used for various corporate gifting purposes, such as reward & recognition programs, client acquisition, or brand promotions.

A variety of options to choose from

RBL provides a vast selection of Gift Cards from leading brands. Let's take a look at some popular brands in the Entertainment & Magazines category:

SonyLiv Gift Cards

With SonyLiv Gift Cards, you can enjoy online streaming at discounted rates. This subscription grants access to a vast collection of content, including critically acclaimed web series, blockbuster films from Bollywood and Hollywood, and live coverage of cricket, football, and tennis tournaments. It's also the home of WWE Network, where you can watch the latest episodes of Raw and Smackdown. Gifting a SonyLiv Promo Code to a binge-watcher in your life is an excellent idea.

Zee5 Gift Cards

Zee5 offers a diverse range of content, making it one of the most popular online streaming services in India. A premium subscription provides access to gripping web series, as well as slice-of-life dramas. Zee5 also features the latest episodes of TV shows aired on Zee TV and other network channels. The content is available in 12 different languages. You can save on your subscription by using Zee5 Gift Cards from RBL.

PVR Gift Cards

PVR has redefined the cinema experience with its 800+ screens across the country. In addition to regular cinemas, PVR offers multiple cinema formats, including PVR Superplex, PVR Playhouse, PVR ECX, PVR ICON, and PVR Luxe. PVR Director's Cut, for instance, features concierge services, luxury auditoriums, and gourmet offerings. RBL offers great discounts on PVR Gift Cards, which you can use for a delightful cinematic experience. Consider sending these Movie Gift Cards to the people who matter as an experiential gift.

AD Gift Cards

Architectural Digest (AD) offers numerous reasons to enhance your living space. Each edition is packed with home design and remodeling tips from the world of architecture and interior design. It's an excellent source of inspiration as you explore the latest trends and decor from beautiful homes around the world. You can enjoy a generous discount on AD Gift Cards from RBL.

Redeeming these Movie Vouchers and Magazine Vouchers is straightforward. You just need to visit the official website of the respective brand. During the payment process, enter the Gift Voucher code in the designated space, and the Voucher's value will be instantly redeemed.

For detailed instructions, you can refer to the respective brand pages, and if you require any assistance, our team is here to address your queries.