Axis Bank
About Us

Through the Axis Bank Gift Voucher platform, we strive to make our customers' shopping experience more delightful.

It is an online marketplace that enables you to purchase Instant Gift Vouchers of 160+ brands. The term 'Instant' means that we deliver the voucher straight to your E-Mail or SMS inbox in a matter of a few minutes.

With these Gift Vouchers / Gift Cards, Axis Bank also reduces your efforts to choose that 'Perfect Gift' for your loved ones. Gift Vouchers from leading brands come with the freedom of choice for the recipients. Their favourite brand's voucher, which comes with a customized message, is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

Buy these Gift Vouchers across multiple brands and categories to enjoy accelerated rewards (10X / 5X / 3X), and on top of that, there are amazing discounts and offers on many brands.

The Gift Vouchers are available in various denominations, which means there is something for every budget.

As a privileged customer of Axis Bank, get these exclusive offers on Instant Gift Vouchers:

  • 10X EDGE REWARD  Points on 100+ Brands.
  • 5X EDGE REWARD  Points on 35+ Brands.
  • 3X EDGE REWARD  on Amazon Pay Gift Cards.
  • Exciting discounts and offers on multiple Brands.

Happy Shopping!!