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Gini & Jony
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Gini & Jony E-Gift (Instant Voucher)

Gini and Jony is the leading fashion brand that offers apparel and accessories exclusively for kids between the ages of 0 and 16. It offers cool and funky shirts, t-shirts, jeans, frocks, dresses, and...
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Gini and Jony, a 40-year-old brand, offers stylish outfits for age groups ranging from 0 to 16. For the younger demographic, this casual apparel and accessory brand sells high-quality everyday and casual clothing. Due to the style and comfort they provide, their high-quality and kid-friendly designs and prints have a devoted following of buyers. Gini and Jony sell clothing in a variety of categories, including t-shirts, shirts, pants, sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts, sportswear, socks, and more. Gini and Jony should be your first stops the next time you need to take your child shopping for casual attire. Gini and Jony gift cards and vouchers can be used to shop for the highest-quality apparel and accessories.

SBI Yono offers e-gift vouchers in different denominations for its customers. Keep reading for all the details.

Gini and Jony e-gift vouchers for special occasions

Make the occasions of your special ones more special with a Gini and Jony e-gift voucher. Send it to them instantly on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other such events. If they have shifted to a new home, give them a vibrant start with this voucher. It is also suitable for graduation, and other important days.

Gini and Jony gift cards for corporate gifting

Corporate gifts should be classy & memorable. Just like a Gini and Jony e-gift voucher. Send it instantly to your employees, clients, and stakeholders in less than five minutes. They can select whatever they want by redeeming it instantly. It’s a perfect gift for sales incentives, reward & recognition, client acquisition, client management, and all other needs.

How to buy Gini and Jony E-Gift Vouchers from SBI Yono?

Follow the steps given below to buy Gini and Jony E-Gift Vouchers.

• Login to www.gyftr.com/sbiyono using your credentials.

• On the search bar, type ‘Gini and Jony’.

• Visit the brand page & add to the cart your preferred denomination.

• Click on checkout and complete the transaction using your SBI Card.

 Once the payment is completed, you will receive your Gini and Jony E-Gift Voucher via SMS or email.

How to redeem Gini and Jony E-Gift Vouchers from SBI Yono?

Follow these steps to to redeem your E-gift vouchers:

  • Use the outlet locator to locate the nearest Gini and Jony store around you that accepts this voucher.

  • Choose your desired option from their collection.

  • At the billing counter, use your voucher to redeem it.

They will deduct the voucher amount from your bill.

What happens if the final bill is more than my Gini and Jony e-gift voucher amount?

If the final amount crosses the Gini and Jony voucher amount, you have to pay the remaining balance via one of the applicable payment methods.

I have lost my Gini and Jony e-gift voucher. Can I get a duplicate voucher?

Yes, you can get your Gini and Jony e-gift voucher again in case you have lost the original one.

What are the available options for Gini and Jony online e-gift vouchers?

These are the available voucher denominations:

  • INR 100

  • INR 250

  • INR 500

  • INR 1000

  • INR 2000

  • INR 5000

Note: The availability of these voucher options is subject to change without any prior notice.

What is the validity of my Gini and Jony e-gift voucher?

E-gift vouchers are offered with a validity between 3 to 12 months. The exact details of your Gini and Jony voucher will be provided via SMS and email.


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