HDFC Debit Card | Win a voucher of your favourite brand every quarter.

Maintain your Average Minimum Balance for a Quarter.

Make a transaction of minimum INR 1000 in each month for a Quarter.


What is HDFC maintain, spend and earn program?

Who is eligible?

HDFC Bank brings a brand new program for every HDFC Debit Card user. In order to be eligible for HDFC Maintain, Spend and Earn program, cardholders need to maintain their 'Average Monthly Balance' every month of a quarter. Additionally, they need to make at least one transaction of minimum value INR 1,000 each month. Eligible customers can claim one gift voucher from the list of associated brands.

What is the program's time-period?

HDFC Maintain, Spend and Earn program is a long-term program. HDFC Debit Card customers can enjoy the benefits of this unique program for the next 3 years. HDFC Debit Card customers will get a notification mail/text on fulfilling the criteria. Cardholders need to claim their choice of gift voucher, worth INR 250, within 45 days of the first notification mail/text.

Which are the associated brands?

With HDFC Debit Card offers, cardholders get assured gift vouchers for a minimal amount of transactions. HDFC Bank has tied up with 9 Indian and international brands. For customers' satisfaction, the list only contains crowd-favourites. Cardholders may pick BookMyShow gift voucher worth INR 250. Initially, BookMyShow focused on movie-tickets booking solely. But the brand's expansion into 4 other countries meant booking service for multiple outdoors and indoors events was made available. Customers can choose BookMyShow to book tickets for movies, comedy shows, music and sporting events. Or cardholders can pick Levi's gift vouchers. Levi's is a globally renowned denim manufacturer. Nowhere else can customers find a bigger catalogue of denims to select from. The list of brands include BookMyShow, Myntra, Bata, Baskin-Robbins, Mainland China, Levi's, and Pizza Hut.