How to Travel on a Budget

Traveling! A word that sends goosebumps to our body every time we think or talk of it. We all are ever so ready to pack our bags and leave for the mountains or seas for a few days of relaxing and introspection. Weekends are near, the weather is pleasant, but oops! the wallet is empty! If travelling is more of a necessity than a pleasure, then money should never get in the way of you and your wanderlust. Travel on a budget. And travelling on a budget does not mean compromising with comfort and quality. You just need to know the right time to grab the right deals and make the right bookings. And we are here to help you in the same regard. Following are a few trips from one fellow budget to another to help you travel without the constraints and compromises.

Make your Bookings in Advance

This one is a no brainer. Early bookings of flights and hotels will help you save a dramatic amount of money. Try to book the flight tickets at least 2months in advance and hotels/hostels at least one month. Also, pick the days of your travel wisely. Flights tend to be cheaper on weekends as opposed to weekdays. Use websites like Skyscanner to compare the prices and be flexible with your date of booking. One of the best ways to save more is by using Yatra Gift Vouchers. These vouchers always have discounts riding on them and they let you save further on your bookings.

Tip: Book the flights in the incognito mode to stop the websites from tracking your previous searches and saved cookies.

Pick Hostels Instead of Resorts/Hotels

Hostelsare a great way to save money! They are not only budget-friendly but also provide for an amazing cultural experience where you get to interact with people from around the nation and the world. Hostels are ridden with amenities and comforts and hence are a perfect place to live if you want to stay in a cool place. They are also mostly located within the city are around the markets and popular places so that the commute isn’t a problem for you. Most of the theHostels have free breakfast included so now you save on your food too! You can find a lot of good hostels around you on MakeMyTrip. To add to your savings, use MakeMyTrip Gift Vouchers and get additional discounts.  If you are looking for perfect backpackers experience, hostels are your best bet!

Tip: All the hostels have a locker facility but you have to take the lock with you. Make sure to not miss out on this info.

Use Local Markets to Shop

If you are travelling on a budget, spending a lot of money on shopping is of course not a good idea. But if you have to shop for the local clothes and souvenirs, choose local markets to shop instead of malls and showrooms. Not only do the local shops give you a great bargain, but they are also authentic and usually handmade. You are sure to find seasonal products at cheap prices. Even when it comes to food, instead of picking expensive and fancy restaurants, go for hygienic but local food. Local street food is not only delicious but also not overpriced. Remember again, hygiene is important!

Tip: Spend some time with the natives to know the most popular markets, foods, and places where you can grab the best bargain.
Next time when you plan a trip, keep these things in mind and I can assure that you will end up saving huge on your next vacay-cay! Happy Travelling!

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