How to redeem UBER Voucher Code?

No matter the hustle & bustle, Uber will always keep you going. Find rides in minutes and stay ahead with 100% convenience. To enjoy further discounts on your cab bookings, opt for Uber Voucher Code. The amount of savings incurred using the Uber Voucher Code will surely go a long way. 


Redeeming an Uber Voucher Code couldn’t get any easier. 

  • Visit their Payment Section in the Uber App 
  • Tap ‘Add Payment Method’ & Select Voucher Code 
  • Enter the Gift Code & Pin 
  • You will be able to see Uber Credits added to your account. 

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Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about Uber Voucher Codes

What is an Uber Voucher Code?

Uber Voucher Code is a digital Voucher Code used as a currency to pay for your Uber Rides. The perks of using Uber Voucher Codes are the additional discounts they come with. 

Where Should I Buy Uber Voucher Codes from? 

GyFTR offers Uber Voucher Codes at discounted rates. GyFTR will instantly deliver your Uber Voucher Code to your registered mobile number via SMS, Email, or Whatsapp. 

Can I share my Uber Voucher Code with someone else? 

Yes of course. You can share your Uber Voucher Code easily with your friends and family. All you need to do is share the accurate details and Pin. 

Do Uber Voucher Codes Expire?
Yes, Uber Voucher Codes are generally valid between 6 to 12 months. The expiration date will be mentioned in your Uber Voucher Code details 

Where Can I Find the Voucher Code Pin?
The Voucher Code Pin will be mentioned in your Uber Voucher Code details. 

What If I lose my Uber Voucher Code?
In case you lose your Uber Voucher Code, follow the steps to recover it : 

  1. Press the Virtual Chat Assistant icon. It’s present on the bottom right side of the screen.
  2. Choose the option “I can’t find my voucher.”
  3. Enter the mobile number used to purchase the Uber Voucher Code. 
  4. From the listed brands, select ‘Uber’ 
  5. Choose the transaction date to recover your Uber Voucher Code

You’ll receive the Uber Voucher Code after the final step.

What should I do if my Uber Voucher Code status is already consumed?
In such cases, call Uber’s support to verify the voucher status. We hope we were able to answer your queries about Uber Voucher Code redemption.

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