HDFC SmartBuy Offers on Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards

Every family spends a significant amount of their monthly budget on groceries and daily use household products. The expenditure in this category is essential, so there is very little scope to reduce the quantity of products bought every month. Having said that, we can still suggest ways to save up to 33% on your monthly groceries and daily use household products even as you continue to buy the same quantity of products every month. Yes, this is possible through Gift Vouchers bought from the HDFC SmartBuy. 

Save up to 33% with 10X reward points offer

For your monthly grocery and daily use household products’ needs, you can buy Gift Vouchers of an online brand like BigBasketor an offline brand like Spencer’s Retailfrom the HDFC SmartBuy website. On buying Gift Vouchers you can get up to 33% savings with the 10X reward points offered on specified HDFC Bank credit cards or 5% cashback on specified HDFC Bank debit and credit cards. The below table shows how you can get savings of up to 33%.

HDFC Bank card nameRegular reward points on every Rs. 150 spent10X reward points on every Rs. 150 spentValue of each point% savingMaximum monthly points cap on SmartBuy 10X
Infinia550Re. 133%25,000
Diners Club Black550Re. 133%15,000
Diners Club Miles / Diners Club Premium440Re. 0.5013%5,000
Diners Club Rewardz330Re. 0.306%5,000
Regalia440Re. 0.5013%5,000

Other HDFC Bank credit cards and debit cards will be eligible for 5% cashback subject to a maximum of Rs. 1000 cashback per month.

BOGO offers

When you buy Gift Vouchers of your favourite brands from the HDFC SmartBuy website, you can also benefit from BOGO offers from time to time.

BigBasket Gift Vouchers: When you buy a BigBasket Gift Voucher, you will get a Ferns N Petals 20% off promo code free.

Spencer’s Retail Gift Vouchers: When you buy Spencer’s Retail Gift Voucher worth Rs. 1000, you will get a Chaayos Rs. 50 Gift Voucher free.

Please note that the above BOGO offers change every month. Please check the HDFC SmartBuy website for the latest BOGO offers.

How to maximise your benefits with Gift Vouchers

If you plan your purchases of groceries and daily use household products, you can save a lot more. Here is how:

BigBasket Big 10 Days Sale: Once you buy the BigBasket Gift Vouchers, you need to add the voucher balance to your BigBasket wallet. The BigBasket Big 10 Days Sale is live during the first 10 days of every month. During this sale, BigBasket offers huge discounts of up to 50% on MRP on a lot of products. You can add products to your basket and at the time of checkout, you can pay from the wallet balance. BigBasket also comes up with various cashback offers from time to time. For example, if your order value is Rs. 2499 or above, you get a cashback of Rs. 225. To sum up, the benefits that you can get include:

  1. BOGO benefit on buying BigBasket gift voucher (Ferns N Petals 20% off promo code)


  1. Up to 33% savings with SmartBuy 10X reward points offer


  1. Up to 50% discount on MRP from BigBasket


  1. Up to Rs. 225 BigBasket cashback based on order value

Spencer’s: Once you buy the Spencer’s Retail Gift Voucher, you can visit the Spencer’s Retail store of your choice. Select the products that you wish to purchase and at the time of billing, you can share the Gift Voucher code with the cashier. Spencer’s Retail comes out with sale offers from time to time. Some of these include occasions like Republic Day Sale, May Day Sale, Independence Day Sale, Diwali Sale, etc. If you plan your purchases during these sale events, your savings will be much higher.


If your family’s average monthly expenditure on groceries and daily use household products is Rs. 5000, then using the saving methods that we have explained above, you can easily save upwards of 20% or Rs. 1000 every month. You can use these savings to take your family out for dinner or enjoy a movie. Alternately, you can also invest the savings for your child’s higher education/marriage, or your retirement. Happy savings 😊

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