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Skechers gift voucher & Skechers gift card

Redeem Skechers Gift Vouchers, E Gift Vouchers, Gift Cards & E Gift Cards


With around 4,000 stores worldwide, Skechers is an iconic brand of sports footwear. Discover over 3000 styles that cover an array of activities and ages. Each pair of shoes reflects the innovation and style that goes into crafting it. Use your PAYBACK points to get great discounts on Skechers gift vouchers. Redeem it instantly on the official online store of Skechers.

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Founded in 1992, Skechers is a performance and lifestyle footwear brand from the US. Top athletes Howie Long, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tony Romo, and David Ortiz endorse the lifestyle collection of Skechers. Camila Cabello, the multi-platinum recording artist, is another renowned personality who endorses it.

The brand manufactures and sells over 3,000 designs of footwear for walking, running, training, golfing, etc.

Get a chance to buy a Skechers gift card at a discounted price from PAYBACK. You need to use your PAYBACK points to bag the discounts.

How to buy a Skechers gift card/gift voucher from PAYBACK?

Follow these steps to buy a Skechers gift cards:

  1. Enter your linked mobile number and PIN to login to your account.
  2. Take your mouse pointer to the Apparel & Accessories category and click Skechers from the drop down menu.
  3. On the brand page, select the quantity of the voucher value you want to order.
  4. Click on the Place Order button present in the Order & Payment Summary section. Make the payment through any of the available payment options.

In a few minutes, you will get your gift card in your SMS/Email inbox.

How to redeem a Skechers gift card/gift voucher?

Follow these steps to redeem a Skechers gift card:

  1. Visit the brand’s official website:
  1. Select the pair(s) you want to purchase.
  2. Enter the PIN and gift card code under the section “Use Gift Card” in the cart.
  3. The amount will get deducted from your bill total.

How to send a Skechers gift card directly to someone else?

The process is extremely simple:

  1. After adding the gift card to the cart, click on 'THIS IS A GIFT button'.
  2. Enter the details of the recipient and the message you want to send along with the voucher.
  3. Make the payment through available payment methods.

In a few mins, the recipient will receive the gift card and message you have sent.

Skechers gift cards for all occasions

While browsing the shelves of a gift store, we often think: Will they like our gift? This is true when going through an online store. A lot of people consider footwear as an interesting and useful gift. No doubt it is a fantastic gift idea. The only issue is the foot size of the recipient. A Skechers gift card solves this problem. Give them a Skechers voucher, and they will order the pair that matches their style and size. This gifting option is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, New Year, and other special occasions.

Skechers gift cards for corporate gifting

A corporate gift is capable of making your business relationships stronger. No wonder we all spend a lot of time and money choosing the best options. Skechers gift card is a good option for you. Send it to your clients, business partners, and employees as a part of employee R&R, sales incentives, and Diwali gifting.

Can I use multiple Skechers gift cards in a single transaction?

Yes, you can redeem multiple gift cards of Skechers purchased from PAYBACK in a single transaction.

What are the available denominations of Skechers gift cards?

The available denominations of Skechers gift cards include:

  1. Rs. 250
  2. Rs. 500
  3. Rs. 1,000
  4. Rs. 2,000
  5. Rs. 5,000

How many PAYBACK points do I earn with my Skechers vouchers?

Earn 8 points by ordering a Skechers voucher worth Rs. 250. With an Rs. 500 voucher, you earn 15 points.

What can I order using my Skechers gift card/gift voucher?

Using your Skechers gift card/gift voucher, you can order anything that’s available on its official website. This includes running shoes, washable shoes, walking shoes, slippers, and any other form of available footwear.

What happens if the final order on Skechers website crosses the voucher amount?

If your total is more than Skechers voucher amount, you need to pay the remaining balance through one of the applicable payment methods.

What’s the expiration date of Skechers gift card?

The expiration date of Skechers gift card will be after 3-12 months from the date of issue. The exact date is shared to you with your Skechers gift voucher code.

What happens if the final bill crosses the voucher value?

In case the voucher value is less than the final bill, you are supposed to pay the remaining amount through one of the available methods of payment.

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