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Terms and Conditions

1.Codes are valid till 25th Aug 2020.
2.This "Food & Beverage code" is only valid for use at any PVR Cinemas "Candy Bar" PAN India (except PVR Directors Cut & PVR Opulent).
3.The entire amount of "Food & Beverage Code" to be used in one transaction.
4.This "Food & Beverage Code" is not replaceable if lost and PVR shall be intimated immediately on loss.
5.This "Food & Beverage Code" cannot be exchanged for cash.
6.This "Food & Beverage Code" does not guarantee the availability of all Menu Items.
7.Can only be used at offline to buy F&B, which is subject to availability & i.e. up to the select value of the F&B code. Customer has to pay the differential amount if the transaction value is more than the voucher value.