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More about Offers

Seeking some fantastic offers on brand gift cards and gift vouchers? You have landed at the right place. This is the “OFFERS” section of PAYBACK -- a place where you will get something extra with every brand vouchers. It can FREE subscription for your favorite streaming service. Or a promo code for workout sessions. If you are a shopaholic, then this is a wonderland for you. Keep checking this page for regular updates on Gift Card Offers. And there’s always a chance to get discounts with your PAYBACK points. This is the combination of the best one can get.

It always feels good to get something extra than what we pay for. The PAYBACK gift cards and gift vouchers offer you that “Extra” on your every purchase.

And what are these Gift Card Offers? You might be wondering.

As a part of Offers from PAYBACK, you get an additional voucher from another brand. This can be related to a subscription to an online service or a discount on another brand's gift card. The offer varies by the brand you have selected on this page.

Let’s look at some of the best offers these gift cards come with:

  • With every purchase of a Flipkart gift card coupon worth INR 5,000, you get a subscription of Gaana music streaming service.
  • An INR 5,000 Amazon gift card comes with a Go Mechanic Subscription.
  • There’s a Cure Fit Promo Code with INR 1,000 Myntra gift card.

There are similar offers on More gift cards and Spencer’s Retail Gift card for sale.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other extraordinary offers on gift cards of 150+ brands waiting for you to get unveiled.

Eat well, travel more, look amazing, stay healthy, and get high on entertainment with whopping discounts on gift vouchers for sale. You can even get the vouchers for FREE. That’s right, no single penny. Let’s understand how.

You Earn PAYBACK points on every gift card available for sale. For every INR 100 you spend on brand vouchers, we add 3 PAYBACK points to your account. More the value, the more discount you will get on a brand voucher.

No need to pay any subscription fee or hidden charge to avail these gift card offers. Every discount on gift vouchers comes without any hassle or additional fee.   

Use these earned points to get instant discounts on your next purchase of the brand vouchers available for sale. Now, why pay the full prices when every brand voucher comes with a discount from PAYBACK.

Gift cards for sale for special occasions

When you get a gift card for your loved ones, you enjoy triple benefits. First, you get something complimentary in the form of a subscription or a discounted voucher. Second, you can earn PAYBACK points by purchasing the gift cards. Third, you can use your already existing PAYBACK points to get discounts. And of course, you will delight your loved ones with a fantastic gift. The gift vouchers are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, housewarming, Diwali, Christmas, and New Year.

Gift cards for sale for corporate gifting

With amazing offers on gift cards, you will not only get great corporate gifting but can also enjoy additional benefits. The more gift cards you purchase, the more offers you can avail. Impress your business contacts and get the extra benefits at the same time. The vouchers are perfect for your employees, clients, business partners, and prospects.

New Offers Every Month

We seek new clothes, fresh entertainment, and more variety of entertainment each month. Then, why shouldn't there be new offers every month? PAYBACK brings you fresh offers from different brands to keep you shopping-ready, always.

Are these offers applicable even if there is a sale / promotional event of a brand?

Yes, the offers are applicable even if the brand is running its own sale or promotional event. This also includes annual and seasonal shopping festivals that online and offline stores organize.

Happy Shopping!!