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A trailblazer in grocery and food retailing, More is a chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets. For your everyday essentials, you can visit one of the 580 more hypermarkets across the country. For fresh products at the best prices, you can head to one of the 22 More Hypermarts across India. When you visit one of these stores, take along More Gift Cards. You can redeem your PAYBACK points and earn fresh points during each purchase.

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Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and everything else you need for your kitchen is offered by More. This chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets was established in 2007.

It currently operates under two different categories:

  1. More Supermarket - Consider it your neighborhood store but with more options and better quality. Payless for the daily essentials each time you visit a supermarket of this brand. There are 580 supermarkets across India.
  2. More Hypermart - This is a large retail format hypermarket with a plethora of options. Everything available at these hypermarkets comes at a fraction of what you pay regularly. You can visit one of the 31 More Hypermarts across India to get your groceries and other essentials.

When you visit one of the More retail outlets, you will come across these categories:

  • Grocery Fresh - Under one roof, find an array of vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat. All these sources of nutrition are available at the best prices.
  • Grocery Food - Find a wide selection of packaged food items and loose staples at every outlet of this brand. The products are sold after thorough testing and quality checks. You can choose from breakfast items, beverages, spices, staples, and dry fruits.
  • Grocery non-food - Personal care products, home care items, and cleaning products--find it all from More. Shopping is a breeze at these stores.
  • Lifestyle - If you are seeking comfortable and fashionable clothes, you need not visit anywhere else. More offers trendy stuff for stylish consumers just like you.

When you plan to visit a More store near you, use a gift voucher from PAYBACK. Buy and redeem More vouchers at a discounted price by redeeming your PAYBACK reward points. And, you can earn more points, too.

More gift cards and gift vouchers for your loved ones

Gifting is all about delighting your loved ones. A random home decor item or other fancy merchandise looks great but might not be very useful. Conversely, a More gift card is something your loved ones can use to the fullest. They can redeem it to get their monthly groceries, home essentials, fruits, vegetables, or personal care products. Send it to your parents, children, partner, relatives, friends, siblings, or other special people in your life,

Where can I use my More gift cards?

You can use your More gift cards at all eligible outlets listed in the Outlet Locator option of this page. The vouchers cannot be used online.

How to buy a More gift cards?

Buy a More gift cards by following these steps:

  1. Open PAYBACK Voucher World and log in to your account.
  2. Type More in the search bar and press Enter.
  3. Select the voucher amount by pressing the “+” sign. You can choose more than one voucher.
  4. Click on the PLACE ORDER button and make the payment using available modes of payment.

After the payment, you will get your voucher instantly via EMAIL/SMS.

How to redeem a More gift card?

Follow this procedure to redeem your More gift card:

  1. Use the Outlet Locator option to find an eligible supermarket or hypermart near you.
  2. Visit one of these stores and select the essentials you want to order.
  3. At the billing counter, show your More gift card.

The executive will deduct the voucher amount from your bill.

What to do if the final bill exceeds the voucher amount of More gift card?

This happens a lot of times. The bill is often more than the More voucher amount. In such cases, you need to pay the difference via cash or other applicable modes of payment.

How many PAYBACK points do I earn with my More gift card?

For every Rs. 100 spent on PAYBACK, you will earn 3 PAYBACK points. Earn 30 points by buying a voucher worth Rs. 1000.

What can I order using my More gift voucher?

With your More voucher, you can purchase anything that its outlet is offering. This includes grocery staples, home essentials, fruits, veggies, and other items for sale. There aren’t any restrictions regarding what you can or cannot order with your gift card.

How can I send a More gift vouchers to someone else?

Send a More gift vouchers to your friends, family member, or anyone else by following these steps:

  1. Select the denomination you want to send.
  2. Click on the THIS IS A GIFT button.
  3. Add the contact information of the recipient, along with the occasion and your message.
  4. Press the BUY NOW button. Make the payment using one of the applicable payment methods.

The recipient will get the voucher immediately after the successful transaction.

For how long is a More voucher valid after making a purchase?

Your More voucher will be valid between 3-12 months after making the purchase. You will receive the exact details of the voucher with the voucher details we send you.

What happens if a More outlet is running a sale?

You can use your voucher even if a More outlet is running a sale or offering the products at discounted prices.

Keep saving more with MORE vouchers from PAYBACK.

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