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Live Mint gift voucher & Live Mint gift card

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Live Mint

Get Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards for Mint, which is one of India's premium business news publications. mint covers the economy, capital markets, corporate policies, personal finance, Startup, technology, and consumer views that make it a critical reach vehicle for the top end audience. Mint is the second most-read business paper in terms of readership in India

  1. Live mint- Yearly Subscription @2549
  2. Live mint + Wall Street Journal- Yearly Subscription @2599

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Live Mint

More About Live Mint
Live Mint is the online arm of Indian financial daily newspaper Mint—which is published by HT Media. Read widely by business executives and policymakers, this newspaper has been in circulation since 2007. The presence of national and international business news have made Mint a necessity for many entrepreneurs. 
Whether you want to learn about investment deals in startup deals or know the stock market updates, Live Mint is your go-to source. This newspaper also informs you about the latest government policies that are going to impact businesses in India.  
The digital subscription to Mint comes with unlimited access to the comprehensive articles on any smart device. This is clubbed with enriching podcasts and videos that feature interviews of notable influencers and Wall Street Journal (WSJ) editors. Simply put, the best of Wall Street Journal will be accessible at a click of a few buttons. Go through the digital replica of Mint newspaper in an easily-readable format. Your subscription enables you to save stories to be read later. And, receive invites to events organized by Mint. 
The Saturday edition of this newspaper features 18 pages of content on movies, sports, culture, gadgets, style, food, sci-tech, more. 
The subscription to this clear-minded and unbiased chronicler is available with highly affordable fees. You can further save on the subscription of this business and economics platform with Live Mint gift vouchers. 
Benefits of buying Live Mint gift cards / gift vouchers from PAYBACK
When you purchase Live Mint gift cards from PAYBACK, you earn reward points that can be redeemed later. With a gift card of value INR 3699, you earn 370 points. When you buy a gift card for INR 4999, you earn 500 points. If you already have reward points in your PAYBACK points, you can use them to get discounts on Live Mint gift cards. 
Buy Live Mint Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers for Special Occasions
The gift vouchers of Live Mint are perfect for anyone who loves to read business and finance news. Share thoughtful gift with your friends or family members during special occasions, such as anniversaries, birthdays, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, Rakshabandhan, or any social event. 
Buy Live Mint Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers for Corporate Gifting 
Rather than gifting that generic stuff—pen drives, pens, calendars, card holders—why not offer subscription of India’s most reputable source of business news. Your clients and business contacts will be impressed with Live Mint gift cards that give them unlimited access to useful digital content.  Many companies use these e-vouchers during online or offline they organize to promote their brand or a particular product/service. 
How to buy Live Mint gift card?
Follow these steps to purchase Live Mint gift card:
Visit this link:
Sign up or login using your PAYBACK credentials. 
Select Live Mint voucher value and quantity.
The cart will reflect the discount you get and the points you will earn.
Click on Place Order to pay using available modes of payment.
How to redeem Live Mint gift card?
To redeem your Live Mint gift card:
Visit the official website of Live Mint.
Click on Subscribe option, present at the top of the menu.
Choose the subscription plan from the available options.
Click on Redeem Your Gift Card option.
Enter the details of your gift card and click “Continue.”
Can I club Live Mint Gift Card with other offers?
Yes, even if Live Mint is running a promotional offer, you can use your Live Mint Gift Card / Gift Voucher without any hassle. 
Is the Live Mint Voucher Code transferrable?
You can share the Live Mint voucher code easily with others. The recipients have to apply the code when buying the subscription to redeem the value of their voucher. 
Will I get any physical voucher of Live Mint?
No, you will receive an e-voucher of Live Mint through an SMS or Email. The essential details, including the code and validity are mentioned on the e-voucher. You can forward the same to anyone else if you want them to redeem the voucher. 
I am facing issues while redeeming my voucher? Whom should I contact?
In case of any issues with your Live Mint gift voucher, give us a call at this toll number: 1800-419-9180. 
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