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KFC gift voucher & KFC gift card

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One of the most popular restaurant chains in the world, KFC is known for its juicy and crispy chicken--which is prepared using a secret recipe containing unique herbs and spices. If you are also a fan of this restaurant, don’t forget to use a KFC gift card / gift voucher during your next visit. The KFC vouchers from PAYBACK come at a discounted price (up to 10% discount). You also earn PAYBACK points on every purchase of gift vouchers. Redeeming these vouchers is a breeze. Just share your voucher code with the cashier while making the payment. Now, that’s what we call a wholesome and hassle-free dining experience. 


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KFC Gift Vouchers & Gift Card Deals

The seller of world’s most delicious fried chicken, KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952. With its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, KFC has over 24k outlets across the globe.

It expanded its operations in India in 1995. Currently, the Indian chicken lovers can enjoy its tender, juicy chicken in more than 350 outlets across the country.

KFC’s Secret Recipe

The secret recipe of the chicken, consisting of 11 spices and herbs, is kept secure at the KFC headquarters. Only a few members have access to this top-secret recipe. To keep it secret, the brand hasn’t patented the recipe, as they will have to reveal the details. Also, every patent comes with an expiration date.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular items you can order from its outlets.

Crispy Chicken: This is what gravitates a majority of KFC lovers to the outlets near them. From juicy pieces of chicken to popcorn, there are various forms in which you can order it. Some spicy versions are specifically prepared to suit the Indian taste buds.

Rice Bowlz: For those who prefer rice in their meals, KFC offers different varieties of rice bowls. The balance of spices and flavour makes it a must-have. Choose from options like a chicken rice bowl, veg rice bowl, smoky red rice bowl, and popcorn rice bowls.

Beverages: A meal is incomplete without your beverages. From shakes, mocktails to your favourite soft drinks, there are various options to choose from.

Burgers: Love Burgers? You will love the ones KFC offers. The bestsellers include classic zinger, spicy zinger, deluxe zinger, and longer burger.

When going out with friends and family, you can save on these delectable items by ordering value buckets and meal boxes. PAYBACK further lets you save on your next meal with KFC gift vouchers and gift cards in India.

KFC Facts

Here are some fun facts about KFC that are as delicious as its fried chicken.

  • Japanese eat KFC chicken as a part of Christmas tradition
  • Pizza Hut and KFC once collaborated to create popcorn chicken pizza
  • You can buy KFC-style crocs for yourself.
  • There are a video game and comic book about KFC’s founder, Colonel Sanders.
  • There are some outlets handled by individuals with hearing disabilities.

KFC gift cards benefits

Buy KFC gift cards to enjoy numerous benefits. You get a discount on these vouchers when buying from PAYBACK. Currently, the KFC vouchers are available with a discount of 3% on the following denominations: Rs. 250, Rs. 500, and Rs. 1,000. The discount may differ when you purchase the voucher in future.

Another advantage is that you earn PAYBACK points that you can redeem while buying other vouchers in the future or to get the products that PAYBACK offers. For every Rs. 100 spent on KFC’s e-voucher, you get 3 points in your account.

If you already have collected some PAYBACK points, you can burn them to get additional discounts.

And yeah, there’s always the ease of cashless payment whenever you order your next meal.

KFC gift card for him

Does he love crispy, fried chicken? Is he a big foodie? If so, consider giving him a KFC gift card. It works perfectly for occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Rakshabandhan, Friendship Day, or any other special occasion. You can send it to your friend, father, brother, husband, or that someone special in your life.

KFC gift card as a gift for her

Does she regularly visit KFC to satiate her cravings for chicken? If so, she will love the KFC gift card. Gift her one on occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Rakshabandhan, or any other occasion. This is a perfect present for your mom, sis, wifey, friend, colleague, or your bae.

KFC gift card for corporate gifting

Do you regularly need corporate gifts for your clients and employees? KFC gift cards can be a good option. Use these vouchers for your potential or existing clients to leave a good impression. For sales incentives, Diwali gifting, reward & recognition, and team building activities, you can use these vouchers. The recipients need to follow the instructions mentioned on this page to redeem it.

How to use a KFC gift card?

The process to use a KFC e-voucher is extremely simple:

  1. Check the eligible outlets by clicking on the Outlet Locator option on this page.
  2. Visit the Outlet near you and select the items from the menu.
  3. Inform the cashier that you want to use a voucher and share the KFC voucher code with him/her.
  4. He/she will deduct the voucher amount from the total bill. You can pay the rest of the bill with the available payment options: cash, credit/debit card, or UPI payment.


How do I buy a KFC gift card?

To buy a KFC gift card,

  1. Login to your PAYBACK account.
  2. Visit the KFC’s brand page by clicking its URL under the Food & Beverage category.
  3. Select the voucher value and quantity.
  4. Go through the Terms & Conditions.
  5. Click on the Buy Now button and make payment using one of the available payment methods.

The KFC gift card code will start displaying on your screen. You will also receive your voucher via SMS and email in a few minutes.


What can I purchase using KFC gift cards in India?

You can redeem your KFC gift cards in India to purchase anything available on the menu of one of the KFC outlets. This includes crispy chicken pieces, chicken wings, veg strips, rice bowls, Krushers, fries, and other mouth-watering delicacies.


Can I use a KFC e-voucher online?

No, the KFC e-vouchers are applicable at one of the outlets of this fast-food restaurant chain. You can find the KFC outlets near you using the Outlet Locator on this page.


Can I use multiple KFC e-gift cards during a single order?

Yes, you can. Multiple e-gift cards can be used to make even a single order from an outlet near you.


Can I use my voucher of KFC  with combos or promotional offers from this brand?

Yes, you can use your KFC gift voucher even if you purchase something as a part of a combo or a promotional offer by this brand.


How to send a KFC gift card to someone else?

To send a KFC gift card to someone else:

  1. Choose the quantity and voucher value on its brand page.
  2. Click on the “THIS IS A GIFT” button present in the order summary section.
  3. Fill in all the necessary information, including the recipient’s email address, phone number, and your message for them.
  4. Make the payment through the available payment methods.

The recipient will get the gift card in a few minutes. It’s the best way to send a gift when you are sitting thousands of miles away from them.


What is the validity of the KFC e-voucher available from PAYBACK?

At PAYBACK, the validity of the vouchers depends on the brand and value. It is usually in the range of three to 12 months. You will receive these details as a part of SMS and/or email, along with your KFC voucher code.


How to check KFC gift card balance?

Follow these steps for KFC gift card balance check:

  1. In the footer area, find and click “Check Voucher Status” option.
  2. Enter the KFC gift card code in the space provided for the “Voucher Number.”
  3. After entering the Captcha correctly, click on the “Check Now!!” button.
  4. You will get the balance of your gift card instantly.

The validity details also appear when you use this option.


What to do if I lose my KFC gift card code?

Don’t worry; we have got you covered even if you lose your KFC gift card code. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click on the “Resend My Voucher” option present in the footer area of the PAYBACK’s website.
  2. On the page that opens, enter your email address and phone number and click on the SUBMIT button.
  3. You will get your voucher details again via email and/or SMS in a few minutes.


I am having confusions related to buying/redeeming my KFC gift card. Whom should I contact?

We are always to help you in case you are facing any issues related to your KFC voucher. Just give us a call on this number:  1800-103-3315. Alternatively, you can fill in the details in this online form: We will respond to you as soon as possible with the best solution.


What if I don’t want to redeem my existing PAYBACK points while buying a KFC voucher?

You can simply uncheck the option of Redeem Points in the Order Summary section if you don’t want to redeem your existing PAYBACK points.


How to check the discount I am getting on my voucher?

When you select a voucher on the brand page, the discount you are getting appears in the Order Summary section. The final amount you need to pay after deduction of Flat discount and PAYBACK points discount also appears.


Make your outings more special with e-vouchers of KFC.


Bon Appetit!! 

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