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Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift voucher & Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift card

Redeem Kalyan Gold Jewellery Gift Vouchers, E Gift Vouchers, Gift Cards & E Gift Cards

Kalyan Gold Jewellery

One of India's largest jewellery brands, Kalyan Jewellers, has a presence in all major Indian cities. Whether you are seeking wedding jewellery or handcrafted antique jewellery, you will find it all at their showrooms. There's also a separate collection of contemporary gold jewellery with some mesmerizing designs. When you plan to visit one of its showrooms, take along Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift cards / gift vouchers. These vouchers will ensure a seamless shopping experience and give you more chances to get discounts. Not just that, you can share these vouchers instantly with your loved ones or employees on different occasions.

Happy Shopping, Fellas!!

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More About Kalyan Gold Jewellery

Established in 1993, Kalyan Jewellers is an Indian jewellery showroom chain. The variety and craftsmanship of the pieces you get from these showrooms highlight the rich culture of India. Let's have a look at the jewellery pieces you will find here:

  • Chains - Some popular designs include white gold chain, machine chain, men chain, etc.
  • Rings - You are going to like designs like garnet rings, gemstone rings, navratna rings, men engagement rings, blue sapphire rings, etc.
  • Bangles - You will find amazing gold bangles for men and women and also gemstone bangles.
  • Earrings - Popular categories of earrings include ball earrings, antique gold earrings, gold bridal earrings, pearl studs, and ruby studs.

If you prefer white gold, you will appreciate some brilliant pieces with gorgeous jewels.

Kalyan launches various jewellery pieces under designer collections, such as Rang, Ziah, Anokhi, Nimah, and Mudra.

Apart from offering exquisite jewellery, this brand also believes in educating people. It conducts several campaigns that help consumers gain information about pricing, purity, and other aspects of jewellery buying.

If you plan to buy your next set of earrings, rings, bangles, or jewellery pieces -- use Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift cards and gift vouchers. This will help you get discounts on your future purchases. You can enjoy discounts on your current purchases if you already have PAYBACK points in your account.

Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift card / gift voucher at PAYBACK

PAYBACK offers you the option to choose gift cards of different values, including Rs. 500, Rs. 1,000, Rs. 2000, and Rs. 10,000. Each of these vouchers give you a chance to earn PAYBACK points that get credited to your PAYBACK account instantly. If you already have PAYBACK points in your account, you can use those to get a discount on Kalyan Gold Jewellery Gift Card.

Kalyan Jewellery gift cards for special occasions

A symbol of love, affection, value, and luxury--gold is one of the valuable gifts you can give to someone you care for. With Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift card, you can give your loved ones the option to choose what they like. Share it with your friends or family during weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Diwali, housewarming, mundan ceremony, or other religious or cultural occasions.

Kalyan Jewellery gift cards for him

An alpha male likes something classy for him when it comes to gold jewellery. He won't compromise with the design and quality while choosing bracelets, rings, chains, and kadas. If he also loves something elegant, he will surely appreciate Kalyan Jewellery gift cards. This gift is suitable for Father's Day, Friendship Day, or Valentine's Day.

Kalyan Jewellery gold gift cards for her

There are several reasons why women love gold. A perfect piece of jewellery leaves a better impression and allows her to express her personality. For ages, the gold wearers were respected and admired by society. And of course, there is a sentimental value attached to it. It can be confusing to choose that perfect piece for her, especially with a plethora of options available. This is where Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift cards appear as a solution. Give it to your mother, girlfriend, sister, friend, or boss during a special occasion or any random day. They can choose whatever they like from one of the outlets.

Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift cards for corporate gifting

Clients are invaluable to every organization. So are the employees. You need to keep them happy to ensure smooth functioning of your business. Corporate gifts are indeed one of the great ways to do so. But not every corporate gift for sale matches the expectations of recipients. Several gifts are so common that the recipients already have plenty of them. A lot of other options are usually of no use to the clients or employees. Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift voucher is always a better option. The recipients can choose the jewellery piece of their choice without any hassle.

Can I share my Kalyan Gold Jewellery voucher code with someone else?

Yes, you can easily share your Kalyan Gold Jewellery voucher code with anyone else. The recipient simply has to follow the instructions to redeem the voucher as mentioned on this page. There are no unnecessary steps or registration hassles.

What's the validity of the voucher shared by PAYBACK?

The validity of the voucher varies by the brand and voucher value. We provide all the details via email or SMS, along with the voucher code.

Can I use the Kalyan Gift Voucher online?

You can use your gift voucher at one of the eligible outlets but not online.

Can I use multiple vouchers in a single bill?

Yes, you can use multiple vouchers in a single bill during your visit to one of the outlets across India.

What happens if Kalyan Jewellers is already running a promotion/sale?

If Kalyan Jewellers is already running a promotion or sale, you can still use your gift voucher without any hassle. As the gift card is your brand currency, it can be used irrespective of any event / sale that this brand outlet organizes.

How to buy a Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift card?

To buy a Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift card:

  • Sign up or login to your PAYBACK account.
  • Click on Kalyan Gold Jewellery under Apparel & Accessories option.
  • Select the voucher denomination and quantity
  • Click on the Place Order option present in the Order Summary section.
  • Make payment using the available payment methods.

You will receive your voucher within a few minutes via SMS and Email.

How to redeem a Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift card?

To redeem a Kalyan Gold Jewellery gift card:

  • Find a Kalyan Jewellery store near your using Outlet Locator.
  • Choose the jewellery pieces from the available options.
  • While making the payment, show you Kalyan Gold Jewellery voucher code.
  • The amount will be deducted from your final bill.

What happens if the total bill is more than the voucher value?

If the total bill of the jewellery you are buying increases the voucher value, then you need to pay the remaining amount through one of the available options.

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