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Elleven gift voucher & Elleven gift card

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Elleven—a collection by W for Women—offers chic and contemporary bottom wear for all fashionistas out there. Redeem your already existing Payback points when you are buying a gift card online. Club these gift cards / gift vouchers with other offers and discounts by Elleven to amp us your savings. Look great, feel confident, and save more with easy to redeem gift coupons from Payback.

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More About Elleven

Designed for fashionistas that prefer something elegant, Elleven is a designer brand from TCNS Clothing. The name Elleven is inspired by “Elle,” which means “She” in French. This indicates the brand celebrates femininity with its collection of trendy bottomwear. Some popular options include:

  • Relaxed fit pants
  • Straight fit pants
  • Palazzo bottom
  • Parallel Bottom
  • Women’s Tights

The bottoms are a blend of ethnic wear and contemporary designs, something every modern-day Indian woman desires. There is also a range of designer Dupattas for you.

Buy Elleven Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers for her

Give her the gift of choice with Elleven Gift Cards. She will feel rejoiced when you surprise her on her birthday, anniversary, or occasions like weddings, Mother’s Day, Rakshabandhan, or Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect gift for your mom, sis, wifey, boss, or bae.

Buy Elleven Gift Cards / Gift vouchers for corporate gifting

Still confused about what to choose for corporate gifting? Elleven Gift Card is something you should consider. Your employees, clients, and business contacts are sure to appreciate this gesture. As they already receive those dull items like pens, pads, and USB sticks, they won’t like another set from you. Instead, you should give something like a voucher from this fashion brand that allows them to buy what they want.

Where are Elleven Gift Cards applicable?

Elleven vouchers are applicable at all outlets of Elleven across India. To find a store near you, use the Outlet Locator option on this page.

How to buy Elleven gift cards?

To buy an Elleven gift card:

  1. Sign up/ login onto PAYBACK using your credentials.
  2. Visit the Elleven brand page under the “Apparel & Accessories” page.
  3. Choose the quantity and voucher value (INR 500, 1000, 2000, and 5000).
  4. Click on Place Order and pay using available modes.

You will receive your voucher details (code, expiry date, etc.) in a few minutes.

How to redeem the Elleven gift voucher?

To redeem an Elleven gift voucher:

  1. Visit an Elleven store near you.
  2. Choose the products of your choice.
  3. Inform the cashier that you have a gift voucher.
  4. Tell the Elleven voucher code while billing.

The amount will get deducted from the final bill instantly.

How many PAYBACK points do I earn with Elleven vouchers?

With each Elleven voucher, you earn 15 PAYBACK points. The number of points increases with the increase in the voucher value.

How to get discounts on Elleven gift cards?

Redeem the PAYBACK points you have in your account to get discounts on your vouchers. The card highlights the discounts you are getting instantly.

What can I purchase with an Elleven gift card?

With an Elleven gift card, you can purchase anything available in one of its stores. This includes palazzos, straight fit pants, relaxed-fitting pants, parallel bottoms, and trendy dupattas.

Can I share my voucher of Elleven with someone else?

Yes, you can transfer your Elleven gift voucher to anyone else. The recipient just needs the voucher code to get the benefits. To redeem the voucher, he/she just needs to follow the instructions mentioned above.


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