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Cultpass LIVE gift voucher & Cultpass LIVE gift card

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Cultpass LIVE

Add fuel to your health resolutions with Cure Fit mobile app. This service brings you live yoga classes, dance fitness sessions, and meditation at the comfort of your home. Just tap in a few buttons on your phone to start working out like a pro. Cure Fit also lets you consult general physicians or specialists, or super-specialist doctors through video/audio sessions. PAYBACK brings you discounted Cure Fit gift cards at a discounted price. Buy and redeem these vouchers seamlessly when you plan to buy this online membership.

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Cure fit

From the house of Cure Fit comes a revolutionary smartphone app that changes the way you perform workouts. At the comfort of your home, get the access to different workout formats, including:

  • Walk Fitness: Low cardiovascular exercise that suits almost everyone.
  • Dance Fitness: Get in shape by dancing to the groovy numbers.
  • HRX: A series of fun and functional workouts that help you burn calories and improve muscle strength.
  • Yoga: Improve your strength and stay immune to many diseases with a series of Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, and other forms of yoga postures.
  • Strength: Different videos to strengthen different muscles of your body.
  • Boxing: Learn boxing skills and condition your body through 40-50 minute sessions.

These are some of the few video sessions you can access by getting the membership of Cure Fit Live. Use your PAYBACK points to secure discounts on Cure Fit Live gift cards and gift vouchers. Redeem these vouchers instantly or send it to your loved ones on special occasions or festivals.

Cure Fit Live gift card for all occasions

Most of the people we meet in our lives are serious about fitness and health. A lot of them seek motivation to lose some pounds and get in shape. A Cure Fit Live gift card will be a catalyst to their endeavor of leading a healthier and more active lifestyle. This voucher is ideal for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Diwali, housewarming, graduation, and even weddings. Encourage your loved ones to start working out by sending this voucher during Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Rakshabandhan, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, or Karwa Chauth.

Cure Fit Live gift card for corporate gifting

An active and healthy workforce is more productive. Encouraging your employees to regularly workout is diffiCure, especially if they get little time to visit a gym or health center. Solve this issue by giving them a Cure Fit Live gift voucher. This gifting idea works perfectly as a sales incentive, Diwali gift, or reward & recognition gift. Many organizations use it also as a corporate gift for their clients and business contacts.

How many PAYBACK points do I earn with a Cure Fit Live voucher?

With each Cure Fit Live voucher, you earn a whopping 39 points. The more vouchers you buy, the more points you earn.

Can I redeem my existing PAYBACK points while buying a Cure Fit Live gift voucher?

Yes, you can use your existing points to get a discount on the Cure Fit Live gift voucher. The Order & Payment Summary section instantly displays the discount you get on your voucher purchase.

How to buy a Cure Fit Live gift card from PAYBACK?

Follow this process to purchase a Cure Fit Live gift card from PAYBACK:

  1. Use your mobile number and PIN to login to your account. Register instantly if you aren’t a registered user.
  2. Take your mouse pointer to the Health & Wellness category and click on the Cure Fit Live from the menu that appears.
  3. On the brand page, select the voucher quantity.
  4. Make the payment through one of the options available: credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, mobile wallets, etc.

In a few minutes, we will deliver your voucher via SMS and Email.

How to send a Cure Fit Live gift voucher directly to someone else?

Use these steps to send a Cure Fit Live gift voucher directly:

  1. Select the quantity of the voucher on the brand page.
  2. In the Order & Payment Summary section, click on the “This Is A Gift” button.
  3. Select the occasion and enter the contact details of the recipient. Also, write a message for the recipient or choose one from the available options.
  4. Make the payment through one of the available methods.

Your loved one / business contact will receive the voucher in a few minutes.

What’s the validity of a Cure Fit Live gift card?

The validity of a Cure Fit Live gift card varies between 3-12 months. You will receive the exact details with the voucher via SMS/email.

I am facing issues with my Cure Fit Live voucher. Whom should I contact?

If you are facing any issues with your Cure Fit Live e-voucher, tell us by giving a call at this number: 1800-419-9180. We will reply promptly with the best possible solution.

How to redeem a Cure Fit Live gift voucher?

Redeem your Cure Fit Live gift voucher by following these steps:

  1. Download the Cure Fit App on your smartphone. Sign in/sign up using your credentials.
  2. Visit the profile screen on the top left corner of the app and click the “Redeem Voucher” option.
  3. Enter the Cure Fit Live voucher code and hit the Check Validity button and then Redeem Now button.
  4. After the successful redemption, your subscription is visible under the Active Packs section.

You are now set to start working out.

Can I send my Cure Fit Live voucher to someone else?

Yes, you can! Just forward the voucher message via Email, SMS, WhatsApp or any other medium to the intended recipient. He/she can redeem it as per the process mentioned above.


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