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Cult Fit gift voucher & Cult Fit gift card

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Cult Fit

At, we make fitness fun and easy. We have best in class trainers and offer group workouts ranging from yoga to Boxing. Our workouts can be done both at a center and at home with the help of do it yourself (DIY) workout videos. uses the best in technology to give you a world-class experience.

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Cult Fit Gift Vouchers & Gift Card Deals

Fitness, being a focal point for almost everyone in today’s lifestyle, has a major role to play in the day-to-day activities. Right from health concerns to hobby indulgences, fitness has become more of a trendsetter than it was before. While there are many who devote themselves dedicatedly to their fitness goals, most others have a little more trouble staying in shape. What if you could get monetary motivation to go to the gym? And what if you could push someone else to go too? With Cult Fit’s e-gift vouchers, this can now be done. And, with so many outlets across India, you can send it to anyone you like. Read on to discover how.

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Everyone likes to look good and feel good about themselves. When fitness comes to you for free, what more motivation do you need to go to the gym? This can make for a very good gifting idea for that lazy friend who has been delaying the gym, or someone who is actually obsessed with it. Either way, gifting Cult Fit’s e-gift vouchers make for a unique and helpful idea. With PAYBACK, you can get these vouchers for even free! Yes, that’s right.

Why Cult Fit gift vouchers are perfect for all occasions

If you think about it, everyone you gift a Cult Fit voucher is going to love your gifting idea. Not only does it make for a perfect gifting idea across different audiences but for any occasion too. This is why you can choose to give someone a Cult Fit e-gift voucher for any occasion or event.

Cult Fit gift vouchers for men

A fitness package for free would be one of the most popular gifts to give your male friends or relatives. With so many people gearing up to make their bodies healthier and fitter, offering a Cult Fit e-gift voucher as a gift would make their day for sure.

Cult Fit gift vouchers for women

Why wouldn’t your sister, mom or best friend love to have a luxurious hotel stay for free? Gifting them an icanstay gift card would make their day. While you can save yourself from endless shopping sprees for a gift, they can unwind and relax at a luxury hotel – all with an icanstay e-gift card.

Here is how to get a Cult Fit gift voucher

  • Go to and buy your Cult Fit e-gift voucher. Make the payment through online banking details.  
  • You can now choose a Cult Fit voucher of your choice with the PAYBACK reward points you have collected.
  • A 16-digit code of your Cult Fit voucher would be sent to your registered email ID.
  • You can enter the email ID of your choice of recipient so as to send the voucher to them directly.  
  • You can now pay for your voucher using the 16-digit code of your Cult Fit gift voucher.  
  • For additional offers and discounts, you can keep a tab on the official website of PAYBACK, where you can get promo codes to avail further discounts and benefits.  

How to redeem Cult Fit e-gift vouchers?

  • Register yourself on the official website of PAYBACK using your email ID or phone number.
  • Next, visit from your mobile, laptop or any other device.
  • As an alternative, you can also go to Cult Fit’s link through the PAYBACK website, and continue with your buys.
  • Enter the voucher code when checking out on from the website (Cult Fit or PAYBACK) that you are on, and redeem the gift card.

Things to be noted

  • One voucher can be used more than once.
  • Voucher codes remain valid even if you are already obtaining a discount or deal.

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