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Apollo Pharmacy gift voucher & Apollo Pharmacy gift card

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Apollo Pharmacy

The Apollo Pharmacy gift card is your entryway to health and wellness. Be it the elegant life-saving medicines or muscle-building protein or baby care or daily nutrients or personal care products, Apollo Pharmacy as a brand has a bunch of items to offer, and for all age groups

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Apollo Pharmacy Gift Vouchers & Gift Card Deals

With so much of our life today revolving around health and wellness for oneself, the concept of gifting a good living is truly special. In the current fast-paced lifestyle, there is so little time to stop and take care of the needs of our body and mind. This is why products from Apollo Pharmacy make for a complete check list of everything we need to care for ourselves. And, when we have others that we deeply care about, it is an even more joyous feeling to provide them with such amazing products to cater to their health, nutrition, baby care, wellness and beauty. With country-wide outlets and even online services, Apollo Pharmacies have become a one-stop shop for a myriad of products.

Why use PAYBACK to buy Apollo Pharmacy e-gift vouchers

When you need to stock up on your health and wellness products, going for PAYBACK is the best option. With PAYBACK, you can get Apollo Pharmacy e-gift vouchers and buy its products for free. Every time you buy products from an Apollo Pharmacy using PAYBACK, you earn reward points. For a minimum purchase of INR 33, you get one reward point. For a purchase of INR 100, you get 3 reward points. For a purchase of INR 200, you gain 7 points. So, each time you buy different products from Apollo, you get reward points of the respective amounts, that you can keep collecting. Not only can you use these Apollo Pharmacy e-gift cards for yourself but also as a thoughtful gifting idea for someone you care about. With so many products in health, wellness, nutrition and beauty, you can gift someone a useful and valuable thing.

Why you should choose Apollo Pharmacy gift cards for all occasions

Apollo Pharmacy gift cards can actually make for a perfect versatile gifting option. With products that range from beauty to baby care and lifestyle products, you can gift these cards for anything from a baby shower to a birthday. This makes Apollo Pharmacy gift cards right for all occasions. Even if you don’t have an occasion per say, a simple gesture of caring can be shown with an Apollo Pharmacy gift voucher.

Apollo Pharmacy gift vouchers for men

Since Apollo Pharmacy has a wide range of products that cater to men’s health, nutrition and beauty, it makes for a really thoughtful gesture to give someone an Apollo Pharmacy gift card. Be it your little brother, dad or your guy best friend, there is something for each one of them you can offer.

Apollo Pharmacy gift vouchers for women

It is obvious that the same holds true for women, when it comes to the range of different products available at Apollo Pharmacies. If you want your mom to get her required dose of supplements or a woman colleague who would be delighted to have a beauty care range, giving them Apollo Pharmacy e-gift cards are a great option. Nothing says you care like this gifting idea does.

So, how exactly does an Apollo Pharmacy gift voucher work?

  • First, go to to buy your Apollo Pharmacy gift voucher, by paying with your online bank details.
  • Using the required number of PAYBACK reward points you have collected with your purchases, buy an Apollo Pharmacy gift voucher that you like.  
  • This Apollo Pharmacy gift voucher would contain a 16-digit code that would be sent to your registered email ID.
  • You even have the option of entering the email ID of someone you want to gift this voucher to.
  • The 16-digit code of your Apollo Pharmacy gift voucher sent to your registered email ID is what you need to use to make the payment.
  • To continue with more such amazing buys, keep looking out for more promo codes on the PAYBACK official website. These promo codes would give you additional discounts and joy.

How would you redeem Apollo Pharmacy gift vouchers?

  • Get yourself registered on the official website of PAYBACK with your email ID or phone number.
  • Visit the nearest listed outlet and show the voucher to the cashier

Things to be noted

  • One voucher can be used more than once.
  • Voucher codes remain valid even if you are already obtaining a discount or deal.

Redeem PAYBACK Points and get the best deals on Apollo Pharmacy gift vouchers and gift cards.

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