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Amazon gift voucher & Amazon gift card

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Amazon Gift Cards enable you to shop online seamlessly from Amazon—the most customer-centric online store. Convert your card value to the Amazon Pay Balance in less than 2 minutes. Redeem your PAYBACK points instantly by purchasing Amazon Gift Cards/Gift Vouchers. For every purchase of an Amazon Gift Voucher, more PAYBACK points are added to your account. The gift coupons are applicable even during shopping festivals and SALE organized by the Amazon website.

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Amazon Gift Card & Gift Voucher Deals

Amazon Gift Card Code offers instant Discounts and Offers over 10Cr+ Products. Redeem and use it as Amazon Pay Balance to shop hassle-free.

With the aim of becoming the most customer-centric in the world, Amazon is the world's largest online marketplace. Talking specifically about Amazon India, it incepted its operations in February 2012. Over the years, it has evolved into the online shoppers’ favourite destination with more than 80 million products under different categories. Let’s have a look at the major categories under which it offers its products online:

Mobile & Computers:

Whether you are looking for the latest smartphone or a laptop or a desktop computer for your personal/professional needs, you will find those easily on this platform. You can also choose from a plethora of mobile and computer accessories, such as:

  • Mobile Cases
  • Storage drives
  • OTG cables
  • Screen Protectors
  • Memory Cards & Card Readers
  • Printer Inks
  • Graphic Cards

TV & Home Entertainment:

Did you plan to buy that latest 4K LED television? Or, were you planning to get a Smart TV with multiple applications and mirror casting features. Find your next TV set from leading brands like Sony, Samsung, TCL, Panasonic, BPL, Micromax, MI, etc. You can also purchase home entertainment equipment, including DVD players, set-top boxes, home theatre systems and projectors.

Audio Equipment

For all audiophiles out there, Amazon offers a wide selection of wired and wireless earphones, noise cancellation headphones, sports headphones, and truly wireless earbuds. Talking about the brands, you are gonna find Blaupunkt, Bose, JBL, Boat, Senssheiser, Leaf, Noise, Boult, Philips, and other popular makers of earphones and speakers.


Are you a shutterbug or someone who loves capturing all memorable moments of life? If the answer is affirmative, Amazon is the place to be. You have options to choose point & shoot, mirrorless cameras, camcorders, camera lenses, digital SLRs, spy cameras, 360-degree cameras, surveillance & security cameras, and action cameras.

Smart Technology

It won’t be wrong to say every aspect of our personal and professional lives has become smarter. Thanks to smart devices, it is now quite simple to access information, stay fit, interact with the world, enjoy world-class entertainment, and manage other equipment and gadgets. You can choose from activity trackers, smartwatches, Alexa-enabled speakers, etc.

Musical Instruments

If you are learning a musical instrument or want to learn soon, visit Amazon for the finest quality instruments. Get guitars, drums, keyboards, synthesizers, and all Indian musical instruments at the best prices.

Stationery & Office Supplies 

Whether you are looking for office paper products or stationery items for schools or colleges, you will get it all from Amazon. Calendars, planners, postal supplies, pens, pencils, and highlighters are other products available from this store.

What is an Amazon gift card?

An Amazon gift card Code is a prepaid voucher with a certain value that you can utilize to purchase anything of your choice from Amazon’s website or smartphone application.

Multiple benefits with Amazon Gift Card Code

Every Rs. 100 spent to purchase an Amazon Gift Card Code earns you 1 PAYBACK point. This means you get 10 PAYBACK points for a voucher worth Rs. 1,000. Use these points to enjoy a discount on Amazon or other brand vouchers later. If you have enough points, you can even get your voucher for FREE. You can also get a Promo Code of another brand FREE with Amazon vouchers, depending on the value and when you are buying it. Keep checking this page for the latest Amazon gift card offers.

Buy Amazon gift card Code for all occasions

Finding the perfect gift for an occasion like a wedding or birthday is daunting. Most of the options gifting options are either too common or too expensive. We aren’t sure if the recipient will find it useful or not. Amazon gift cards appear as a solution to all such challenges. Give your friends, family members, office colleagues, or neighbors the gift of choice during weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, housewarming, graduation, baby showers, or any other occasion that requires you to send a gift.

The best part is that you don’t have to show up personally or wait for several days before the gift reaches them. It takes less than ten minutes to reach the Amazon gift vouchers to their email or SMS inbox.

Amazon gift cards for corporate gifting

Do you still use gift those generic items to your clients and employees during different occasions? It’s time you upgrade your company’s corporate gifting. Use Amazon gift cards for all occasions, such as reward & recognition, client management, sales team meetings, seminars, etc. You can also use these gift cards as a freebie for your customers as a part of online contests or other forms of brands promotion.

How to redeem an Amazon gift card?

To redeem an Amazon gift card code, follow these steps:

  1. Visit this link:
  2. Log in to your Amazon account using your credentials.
  3. Click on the Amazon Pay option present in the header area and then click the Add Gift card option present on the left side of the page.
  4. Enter your Amazon gift voucher code and click on the Add Your Balance button.
  5. The amount will be added to the balance of your Amazon Pay.

Are these Amazon gift vouchers applicable to shopping festivals and sales that Amazon organizes?

Yes, you can use your Amazon gift cards even during sales and shopping festivals. As the value of the voucher gets added to your Amazon Pay, it doesn’t matter when you utilize it. You can enjoy additional discounts by Amazon that’s applicable for payments via Amazon Pay.

What happens if I lose my Amazon gift card code?

In case you lose your Amazon gift card code, you can ask for a duplicate code from PAYBACK. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Visit this page URL:
  • Enter your Email ID and mobile number under the section “Resend My Voucher.”
  • Press the Submit button to get your duplicate code via SMS or Email.

Can someone else use my Amazon gift card code?

Yes, if you send your Amazon gift card code to someone else, he/she can use it easily. There’s no need for the recipient to register on PAYBACK or pay any additional fee for this purpose.

Can I buy Amazon Prime Membership using my voucher?

Yes, using your Amazon e-voucher, you can purchase or renew your Amazon Prime membership. Using this membership, you can get a plethora of products without any delivery charge and quicker than regular deliveries. Prime membership also gives you access to a myriad of movies, web series, and music through Prime Video and Prime Music application.

How to send an Amazon gift voucher as a gift to someone?

You can do this through one of these methods:

  1. Click on This Is The Gift option present on the Order & Payment Summary section of PAYBACK. You can do this by adding at least one voucher from Amazon.
  2.  Or, you can simply share the gift voucher code after purchasing the voucher via email, SMS, or Whatsapp or any other method.

How to buy an Amazon Gift Card?

To purchase an Amazon gift card Code, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your PAYBACK gift voucher using your credentials.
  2. Hover your mouse over the “e-com & Online” category on the home page and click on Amazon’s link.
  3. On the page that opens, select voucher value and its quantity.
  4. The total amount to be paid is visible in the Order & Payment Summary section. Click on the Place Order button present in the bottom area of this section.
  5. Make the payment using one of the payment methods available.

After the successful payment, the voucher details will appear on your screen. You will also receive your e-voucher with all necessary information via email and SMS in a few minutes.

Do I get a physical voucher from Amazon?

No, we provide only e-gift vouchers of Amazon via SMS and Email. You do not require a physical voucher to redeem it online.

When is the Amazon Great Indian Shopping Festival?

Every year, Amazon India organizes the Great Indian Shopping Festival in the month of September or October. The last event took place from 29th Sept- 4th Oct 2020. As a part of this multi-day online event, Amazon offers lighting deals on a majority of the products available in its store. These limited-period deals allow you to get your favourite stuff without spending too much. You can use your Amazon gift voucher during this shopping festival, too.

What’s the validity of the Amazon e-voucher?

The vouchers we offer via PAYBACK Voucher World have validity in the range of 3 to 12 months. You will receive the validity details with the voucher code through email and SMS.

Whom should I contact if there is an issue with my Amazon voucher?

If you have any questions or issues related to your Amazon voucher, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone: 1800-103-3315. You can also get in touch with us by filling in this online form: We will do our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Amazon voucher brings a seamless shopping experience for you and your loved ones!




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