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Unlimited offers



Bronze Category
Shop between

Rs 2000 to 3000

And avail vouchers worth Rs 100

& more @ just Re. 1

Silver Category
Shop between

Rs 3001 to 4000

And avail vouchers worth Rs 250

& more @ just Re. 1

Gold Category
Shop between

Rs 4001 to 5000

And avail vouchers worth Rs 250

& more @ just Re. 1

Platinum Category
Shop between

Rs 5001 to 6000

And avail vouchers worth Rs 500

& more @ just Re. 1

Diamond Category
Shop between

Rs 6001 & above

And avail vouchers worth Rs 2000

& more @ just Re. 1


  • The ‘ONE INDIA SALE’ is valid from 13 to 15 Aug 2021
  • All registered users are eligible to participate in ‘ONE INDIA SALE’
  • Under ‘ONE INDIA SALE’ users can get brand vouchers @ just Re. 1
  • Users can get vouchers @Re. 1 once the criteria is met
  • The supply of Re. 1 vouchers are limited and will be offered on a first come first serve basis
  • GyFTR will not be held responsible if the vouchers are out of stock immediately after the sale goes live
  • You will receive your voucher via SMS or Email a few minutes after the transaction is completed
  • The vouchers are ‘One-Time’ use vouchers and cannot be reused
  • The validity period of every voucher is subjective. To know the exact validity period, Kindly check your voucher details
  • The redemption process of every brand is well explained on the respective brand page
  • In case of any voucher related queries, Use the ‘Virtual Chat Assistant’ on the bottom right of the home page for assistance
  • Voucher @ Re 1 can be availed through website only
  • The one india offer is exclusive of the following brands : Amazon, Flipkart, Tanishq, Easy Insurance India

Steps to Redeem

  1. Visit www.gyftr.com
  2. Add to cart your preferred brand vouchers
  3. Shop for a minimum of Rs. 2000 & more to be eligible to get a voucher at Re. 1 Voucher
  4. On the cart page, You will be notified regarding your eligibility to receive your voucher at Re. 1
  5. Click on ‘WHAT’S YOUR PICK’ and choose one from the list of brands available
  6. After selecting your preferred voucher, your cart value will be updated by an additional Re. 1
  7. Click on check out and complete the transaction using the available payment mode
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