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Looking for premium beauty products? Use an Inglot Gift Card from GyFTR.

This season, get the maximum benefit out of Inglot sales. Buy Inglot concealer, Inglot foundation, Inglot lipstick, Inglot makeup, and other Inglot cosmetics exclusively at Inglot. No matter your style preference, they always have what you are looking for.

Inglot was founded around 3 decades ago by a young chemist, Wojtek Inglot. He believed in creating premium products at affordable prices. For this purpose, he used raw materials and ingredients only from reputed suppliers. This philosophy is still persistent today.

The team works with colour consultants and makeup artists to develop its latest collections. You get products whose texture, colour, and quality match the current trends.

Inglot Gift Cards are available at the best prices from GyFTR. Buy and redeem these vouchers easily on your next purchase.

Inglot Gift Card for Special Occasions

A diverse collection of makeup and skincare cosmetics makes Inglot gift vouchers the best gift one could ask for. Rather than choosing a cliched gift, give them the chance to select their favourite cosmetic items with the help of Gift Cards. Go for Inglot Gift Cards for New Year, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day, Valentine's Day, Raksha Bandhan, anniversary, or someone's birthday. Bring a smile to your loved one's faces with a thoughtful gifting option for every occasion.

Inglot Gift Card for Corporate Gifting

Many clients create an image of their vendors based on corporate gifts. Make sure yours is positive with the right gift. An Inglot Gift Card is a premium gifting option you can choose for them. Send this voucher to establish or retain professional relationships with your clients. It is also a perfect gift for your employees. You can check their range at www.inglotcosmetics.com

How to Buy an Inglot Gift Card?

You can get your Inglot Gift Card from GyFTR. Follow these steps:

  • Login to your GyFTR account.
  • Visit Inglot's brand page: https://www.gyftr.com/major-brands-inglot.
  • Choose the voucher amount you want to buy.
  • Press the CHECKOUT. Pay for the voucher.
  • You'll get your voucher in a few minutes.

How to Redeem an Inglot Gift Card?

Redeem your voucher by following these steps:

  • Find an eligible store using the Store Locator option.
  • Visit the store, and select the items of your choice.
  • At the payment counter, show your Inglot Gift Card message.
  • The attendant will deduct the amount from your bill.


Why Should You Purchase an Inglot Gift Card?

With Inglot Gift Card, you can buy the best of beauty products at good discounts. If you know someone who's into fashion and makeup, then this would be a perfect fit for gifting.

Can I use multiple Inglot Gift Cards in one bill?

Yes, you can use multiple Inglot Gift Cards in one bill. Although, informing the store about the usage of the vouchers is always important.

What are the available denominations of Inglot Gift Cards?

Here are the available denominations for Inglot Gift Cards:

  • Rs.250
  • Rs.500
  • Rs.1000
  • Rs.2000
  • Rs.5000

Inglot is running a sale. Can I still use my Gift Card?

Yes, you can use your Inglot Gift Card even if the store is running a sale, promotional offer, or a deal.

Where can I use my Inglot Gift Card?

Your Inglot Gift Card is applicable to all listed outlets of this brand. Find the list of eligible outlets using the Store Locator option. It is also applicable at listed outlets of other Major Brands on GyFTR. You cannot use it online.

I have an unused Inglot Gift Card. Can I send it to someone else?

Yes, you can send an Inglot Gift Card to someone else easily. They need to show the voucher message at an eligible store near them to redeem it. No need to register anywhere or pay any fee for using it.

What happens if I lose my Inglot Gift Card?

If you lose your Inglot Gift Card, you can get it again from us. First, you need to connect with our virtual chat assistant – Ema. Do so by pressing the virtual chat assistant or the whatsapp help icon present on the bottom right side of this page. Ema will guide you through the whole process. It's easy and fast. You'll receive the voucher in a few mins after following the instructions.

Note: The terms "Gift Cards" and "Vouchers" mentioned on this page have the same meaning.

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