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Lifestyle Online

Your favourite shopping spot -- Lifestyle -- now delivers designer apparel to your doorstep. Upgrade your wardrobe with trendy collections of Indian and western wear. Everything...

Your favourite shopping spot -- Lifestyle -- now delivers designer apparel to...

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Now, you don’t have to step out to get fashionable items. Lifestyle offers its collections on your computer and mobile screen.


Choose the designs you want, and they will deliver the same to your doorstep. As you open its website or mobile app, you will come across an enormous collection of:

  • Jeans and trousers
  • Ethnic wear
  • Jackets and coats
  • Leggings, shorts, and jeggings
  • Dresses & jumpsuits

The online store also offers footwear, bags, sunglasses, watches, and tons of beauty products.


At IRCTC, we offer Lifestyle Online e-gift vouchers at discounted prices. Use these vouchers to shop easily from the comfort of your home.


How to redeem a Lifestyle online e-gift voucher?

Follow these steps:

  • Open Lifestyle’s website: You can also download its mobile app.
  • Select the clothes or accessories you want to order.
  • On the payments page, choose the “Have A Gift Card” option.
  • Enter the e-gift voucher code & PIN in the space provided.

The e-gift voucher amount will be deducted instantly.


What’s the validity period of the Lifestyle online e-gift vouchers?

The validity period of the Lifestyle online e-gift voucher will be between 3 to 12 months. The exact details are shared with you with the voucher code.


Can I use multiple Lifestyle e-gift vouchers online during a single purchase?

Yes, you can use multiple Lifestyle e-gift vouchers online during a single purchase.


What happens if I lose my Lifestyle online e-gift voucher?

We will send you the voucher message again if you lose the original one. Just fill in this online form: You’ll get the voucher instantly after you hit the SUBMIT button.


How to buy a Lifestyle e-gift voucher online?

Follow these steps to get an e-gift voucher:

You’ll receive your voucher instantly.



Can I use my voucher during the Lifestyle online sale?

Yes, you can easily use your Lifestyle voucher even if the brand is running a sale or promotional offer online.


Where is my Lifestyle online e-gift voucher applicable?

You can use your voucher at the Lifestyle online store. However, it can’t be used at offline stores of this retail brand. The e-voucher is also applicable at online stores of Max and Home Centre.


How to send a Lifestyle e-gift voucher online to someone else?

It hardly takes a minute to send your voucher to someone else. Find the voucher message and forward it to the recipient. You can send it via SMS, WhatsApp, email, or any other mode. They can use it instantly as per the steps above.


What can I purchase using my e-gift voucher through the Lifestyle online store?

The Lifestyle voucher gives you access to men’s wear, women’s wear, kid’s wear, and accessories that the online store has listed.


What happens if the value of a Lifestyle online e-gift voucher is less than the final bill?

If the final bill is more than your online e-gift voucher value, pay the difference through any payment option. The list of applicable payment modes will be present on the Lifestyle online store.


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