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Jockey rules the world of men’s and women’s innerwear. Every product from this brand -- be it underwear, bra, panty, t-shirt, or vest -- offers unbeatable comfort. F...

Jockey rules the world of men’s and women’s innerwear. Every prod...

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Jockey is a 140 years old brand that offers a wide range of comfortable innerwear. The comfort apparel from Jockey are popular for finest quality and designs.


Now, you don’t have to visit a store near you to order the products. Its online store lets you order with a few clicks online. You can choose from trunks, briefs, vests, boxer briefs, and gym vests.


In the women’s section, you’ll find active bras, padded bras, t-shirt bras, shorties, bikinis, and many other collections.


There is also a wide selection of bottoms and tops for women and men. There are also many options for children.


IRCTC offers discounted e-gift vouchers for its customers. Keep reading for all the details.



What are the available denominations of Jockey e-gift vouchers?

While buying a voucher of this brand, you can choose from the following denominations:

  • Rs. 250
  • Rs. 500
  • Rs. 1000
  • Rs. 2000
  • Rs. 5000

The availability of these voucher amounts is subject to change without notice.


Where can I use my Jockey e-gift voucher?

You can use your voucher at the official website of Jockey India. It is not applicable at Jockey stores near you.


How to buy a Jockey e-gift voucher online?

Buy your Jockey e-gift voucher online:

  1. Log in or register to your IRCTC account.
  2. Open this link:
  3. On the page that appears, click on the ADD button to select the desired denomination.
  4. To make the payment, click on the BUY NOW button. Pay using one of the payment methods.

You’ll get your voucher in a few minutes after the successful payment.


What’s the process of Jockey e-voucher redeem?

The process of Jockey e-voucher redeem is as follows:

  1. Visit official website of Jockey online India:
  2. Select the innerwear you want to order.
  3. On the cart page, proceed to payment. Click on the Gift Voucher tab on the payments page.
  4. Add the voucher code and click on the APPLY button.


Can I use my Jockey e-gift voucher if the online store is running an offer?

Yes, you can club your e-gift voucher with ongoing promotions and offers by this innerwear brand.


How many Jockey e-gift vouchers can I use in a single bill?

In a single bill, you can use a maximum of 3 vouchers without any hassle.


I am unable to find my Jockey e-gift voucher. Can I get it again?

Yes, you can get a duplicate voucher in case you lose the original one. Click on the chatbot assistant option present on the bottom right side of this page. Follow the instructions as directed by the virtual chat assistant in the chat window. You will get your voucher again after you complete the required steps.


I want to send my Jockey e-gift voucher to someone else. How should I do it?

You just need to share the voucher code of Jockey to someone you want to send your e-gift voucher to. They can redeem it according to the steps mentioned on this page.