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Bharat Petroleum or BPCL is India’s most trusted chain of fuel stations. This public sector organization serves vehicle owners with over 14,000 petrol pumps across the country. When you visit a BPCL fuel station, you can refill your vehicle with diesel, petrol, CNG, or automotive LPG.

You can also choose from premium petrol options (Speed and Speed 97). Both these variants are known for improving fuel economy and keeping the engine of your vehicle clean. Your vehicle emits fewer emissions, ensuring smoother drives and better engine performance. Plus, it is good for the environment.

BPCL has designed its fuel stations with specialized formats, including Highway Star, Pure for Sure, Pure for Sure Platinum, and Ghar.

Through its 8,183 Pure For Sure stations, it delivers pure fuel and offers a clean & welcoming environment. To ensure the purity of its products, the stations perform stringent quality checks, including audits by third-party agencies. You will also get additional facilities at these stations, such as convenience stores, ATMs, restaurants, etc.

Talking about Pure For Sure Platinum Stations, there are more than 1,000 outlets across India. These are tech-enabled establishments that come with add-on facilities. Find air & water points, additional washroom facilities, windshield cleaning, CCTV monitoring, and numerous other amenities.

BPCL has launched SmartDrive, a one-stop app for its customers. Find nearby fuel stations with a tap of a few buttons. Receive reminders for insurance, PUC, and servicing of your automobile on this app.

Make it easier to refill your fuel tank with BPCL Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers from GyFTR. These vouchers also come with deals and discounts on a regular basis.

BPCL Gift Card for your loved ones

Help your loved ones save on their fuel expenses with Gift Card of Bharat Petroleum Gift Cards. You can send it to your dad, mom, children, siblings, husband, wife, friend, or other special people in your life. They can redeem the voucher just by following the steps mentioned on this page. Send these vouchers either on special occasions or just to tell them you care.

BPCL Gift cards for your employees and clients

Make your employees’ commute to the office and other places easier with BPCL Gift cards. You can include this voucher as a part of sales incentives, bonuses, employee rewards, and other forms of employee gifting. The vouchers also work effectively as an ideal for your clients.

What’s the validity of a BPCL Gift Card?

The BPCL Gift Card we offer usually has between 3 to 12 months of validity. We will share the exact details with you while sharing the voucher details.

Can someone else use my BPCL voucher code?

Yes, even if you have purchased a voucher, you can send it to someone else. They can use it by following the steps mentioned on this page.

Where can I use my BPCL Gift Cards?

Your BPCL Gift Cards are applicable at all eligible fuel stations. Find the list of eligible stations using the Store Locator option on this page.

How to buy a BPCL Gift Card from GyFTR?

To order a BPCL Gift Card from GyFTR, follow these steps:

  • Login to your GyFTR account using your mobile number and password.
  • Click on the search icon and type BPCL. Then press Enter.
  • On the brand page, choose the voucher amount you want by pressing the ADD button.
  • Click on the View/Edit Cart button and enter the recipient's details
  • Pay using available payment methods, including credit card, debit card, net banking, GyFTR pay, or UPI.

The recipient will receive the voucher in a matter of moments.

Can I send a BPCL Gift Cards directly to someone else?

Yes, you can send your BPCL Gift Cards directly to your loved ones or professional contacts. Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose the voucher amount you want to gift.
  2. Check the box “I am Gyfting.”
  3. Enter the recipient’s mobile number and/or email address. Also, enter a message for them.
  4. Press the CHECKOUT button.
  5. Pay using applicable payment methods.

The recipient will get their voucher in a few minutes.

What are the available denominations of BPCL Gift Cards?

The available denominations of BPCL Gift Cards include:

  • 100
  • 250
  • 500
  • 750
  • 1000

What happens if I lose my BPCL Gift Card?

If you lose your BPCL Gift Card, ask us to re-issue the same. To do so, you need to click the chat support icon present on the bottom right corner of this page. Just follow the instructions that appear on the virtual chat support window. You will receive your voucher again after following these instructions.

What can I purchase using my BPCL Gift Card?

Using your BPCL Gift Card, you can buy all types of fuels (petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG) from the eligible fuel stations of BPCL.

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