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ONE INDIA SALE | Terms & Conditions

What is One India Sale?

Under One India Sale, the users can get gift vouchers/cards of various brands for one rupee from GyFTR's website.

How many times can this offer be availed?

A registered user can buy only one gift voucher at Re 1 throughout the offer period (11th-12th Nov).

What is the eligibility to avail this offer?

Every registered user on GyFTR is eligible for One India Sale. There isn't any transaction or membership fee to avail the offer. There are no minimum order requirements to get qualified for this offer.

How many gift vouchers are available for Re 1?

The number of one rupee vouchers in stock is limited and is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. GyFTR is not responsible if a brand's voucher goes out of stock immediately after the One India Sale goes live.

What is the duration of the offer?

The One India Sale will go live for one hour (12 PM - 1 PM) on 11th and 12th November 2020. The users can purchase the gift vouchers at their regular prices from GyFTR when One India Sale isn't live.

What is the validity of vouchers available for Re 1?

The validity varies by the brand whose voucher you are buying. The details will be sent to you via email and phone.

Can I buy another voucher on the next day?

No, you can buy only one voucher from your account for rupee one throughout the offer period. You can purchase the vouchers that aren’t part of Re 1 sale without any limit.

What if I want to purchase a second voucher on the same day of the sale?

You can purchase additional vouchers on the same day of the offer at their actual price instead of Re 1. The regular discounts offered by GyFTR on those vouchers will still be applicable.

Note: The terms and conditions of One India Sale are subject to change without prior notice to the users. We will notify you of the changes by posting them on this page.

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